Weekly DC Review: April 30, 2021 (Week 17)

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Hero Of The Week- Batman appeared in 7 of the 10 comics this week, putting up 32 Points. I kind of hate the guy, nobody should dominate that much of a week, let alone dominating nearly every other week like this.

Antagonist Of The Week – With Two Appearances this week, The Riddler takes Antagonist of the Week with 6 Points total. Scarecrow and Vandal Savage each brought in 5 Points, tying for second.

Book Of The Week- The finale of the digital Challenge Of The Super-Sons comic went big with it’s final issue. Challenge Of The Super-Sons #14 brought in 48 Points over 11 Characters.

Statistical Notes-  1 New Hero, 1 New Antagonist Added. It’s also Month’s End, so let’s check in with our Top Tens again.

1.) Poison Ivy43 Points (8 Appearances)
2.) Vandal Savage41 Points (11 Appearances)
3.) Black Adam38 Points (8 Appearances)
4.) Scarecrow 38 Points (10 Appearances)
5.) Lex Luthor37 Points (7 Appearances)
6.) Sinestro34 Points (5 Appearances)
7.) Killer Croc 33 Points (8 Appearances)
8.) Talia Al Ghul 31 Points (8 Appearances)
9.) Two-Face29 Points (8 Appearances)
10.) The Joker28 Points (10 Appearances)

Commentary: Despite a weak month, Ivy held on to the top spot, while Vandal jumped from 10th place to 2nd for the most impressive gain this month. The Joker just barely crept back into the Top 10, performing extremely poorly for the only Antagonist on the list with his own title.

1.) Batman (Bruce Wayne)302 Points (55 Appearances)
2.) Superman (Clark Kent)214 Points (33 Appearances)
3.) Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)175 Points (24 Appearances)
4.) Superboy (Jonathan Kent) 164 Points (26 Appearances)
5.) Nightwing (Dick Grayson)112 Points (23 Appearances)
6.) Batman (JF) 101 Points (19 Appearances)
7.) Robin (Damian Wayne) 86 Points (21 Appearances)
8.) Catwoman (Selina Kyle) 85 Points (12 Appearances)
9.) Red Hood (Jason Todd)67 Points (10 Appearances)
10.) Oracle (Barbara Gordon)67 Points (17 Appearances)

Commentary: Batman broke 300 in 4 Months, Superman broke 200, Jonathan might overtake Wonder Woman next month, and Oracle is underperforming despite consistent Appearances. Gotham makes up 70% of the Hero list and 60% of the Antagonist list.

WEEK 16 / WEEK 18

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Action Comics #1030 (33)
Batman (BW) –
Intellect, Tech, TU (Atom)
Midnighter –
Deception, Espionage, Personality
Robin (DW) –
Superboy (JK) –
Durability, Flight, Senses, Speed
Superman (CK) –
Agility, Computers, Durability, Energy Offensive, Flight, Senses, Speed, Strength, TU (Atom)
The Atom (RP) – Intellect, Tech, TU (Batman)
Mongul – Business, CD: Learns Of The Death Of His Sons
Batman: Black & White #5 (19)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Intellect, Suit, Vehicle,  DA (Riddler)
Commissioner Gordon (JG) –
Intellect, Vehicle
Nightwing (DG) –
Agility, Suit, Tech
Robin (DW) – Melee, Tech, DA (Goons)
The Riddler (EN) – Deception, Suit
Batman/Superman #17 (9)
Batman (BW) – Melee, Suit
Superman (CK) – Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Strength, Suit
Challenge Of The Super-Sons #14 (48)
Aquaman – TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
Batman (BW) –
Vehicle, TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
Cyborg –
TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
Hawkgirl –
Flight, TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
Robin (DW) –
Agility, Ensnare, TU (Rora), SC, DA (Felix Faust)
Superboy (JK) – Durability, Flight, Fourth Wall, TU (Rora), SC, DA (Felix Faust)
Superman (CK) – Flight, Vehicle, TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
The Flash (BA) – TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
Wonder Woman (DP) – Flight, TU (Super-Sons), DA (Vandal Savage)
Felix Faust – Magic, Magic Offensive, TU (Vandal Savage) 
Vandal Savage –
Blade, Melee, Strength, TU (Felix Faust) 
Detective Comics #1035 (15) 
Batman (BW) – Agility, Computer, Melee, Sleuth, Tech
Huntress (HB) – Blade, Gun, Projectile, Stealth, Tech, TU (Oracle), SC, DA (Goons)
Harley Quinn #2 (9)
Harley Quinn – Agility, Melee, Thief, DA (SAFE Goons)
Hugo Strange – Business, LT, CD: Pardoned For Past Crimes
Legends Of The Dark Knight #5 (13)
Batman (BW) – Melee, Stealth, TU (Quiz), DA (Riddler’s Goons)
Scarecrow (JC) – Melee, Toxin, LT, DA (Gas-Mask)
The Riddler (EN) –
TU (Quiz), CD: In Love With Quiz 
Robin #1 (26)
Batgirl (CC) – TU (Batman)
Batman (BW) –
Tech, LT, TU (Bat-Family)
Connor Hawke –
CD: Offered A Spot In The League of Lazarus Tournament 
Nightwing (DG) –
TU (Batman) 
Oracle (BG) –
Computers, TU (Batman) 
Ravager –
CD: Offered A Spot In The League of Lazarus Tournament 
Robin (DW) –
Agility, Melee, DA (King Snake), CD: Offered A Spot In The League of Lazarus Tournament 
Robin (TD) – TU (Batman)
Spoiler (SB) – TU (Batman) 
Lady Vic – CD: Offered A Spot In The League of Lazarus Tournament 
Teen Titans Academy #2 (24)
Beast Boy – Creature, Morph
Crush –
Cyborg – Bionics, LT
Donna Troy 
Kid Flash
Nightwing (DG) – Agility, Tech, LT
Red Arrow(EQ)
Superboy (CK)
Amanda Waller – LT
Peacemaker –
The Next Batman: Second Son #9 (3)
Batman (JF) – CD: Hidden Away For Murder
Commissioner Montoya (RM) 

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