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There is a couple differences that need to be considered when you compare DC to Marvel. The first is the addition of weekly digital comics, which gives the central DC heroes a huge advantage over everyone else. The second is the number of imprints and Elseworlds stories that DC has, featuring characters that do not qualify as the central heroes of their universe.

DC’s 2021 Q1 is also going to be shook up considerably by Future State, where all normal titles will cease publication for two months in favor of titles that take place in the future. The Titles advertised here begin in March 2021.

The Stats here are the final results of 2020, based off 22 weeks of scoring.

If there are heroes you are curious about that cannot be found on this list, please reach out on Twitter. If the data exists, we will provide it.

The Predictions/Titless Made are reflective of 2021 Q1 (Up To April)


Black Manta (David Hyde) – 23 Points (7 Appearances)
Black Manta is probably the most prominent of Aquaman’s villains, but he doesn’t got a place to shine without an Aquaman title.

Ocean Master (Prince Orm) – 13 Points (3 Appearances)
The Aquaman title is a book about royal affairs and Ocean Master is at the center of the deception and deceit. Unfortunately, there is no current Aquaman title solicited for 2021.


Black Adam – 70 Points (11 Appearances)
Black Adam is a powerhouse character and he got a big boost at the end of 2020 that will see him joining the Justice League in 2021. Could be a huge year for the guy.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021)

Brainiac – 8 Points (6 Appearances)
Brainiac is a tricky character, because of how frequently he seems to evolve into something new. He’s a risk, but he’s teased for storylines in the Superman titles in 2021.
Title: Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Darkseid – 38 Points (7 Appearances)
If you’re gonna pick a villain from the DC side, Darkseid is an excellent choice. He’s not attached to any storylines yet in 2021, but he will show up.

Lobo – 51 Points (7 Appearances)
Lobo absolutely steals the book whenever he appears. He’s probably the third most reliable Antagonist, next to Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Mongol – No Data Available
Mongol sat out the back half of 2020, but he’s coming in strong in 2021. He’s the primary antagonist of the Superman books, as well as some sporadic appearances in other titles.
Title: Action Comics, Sensational Wonder Woman

Sinestro – 33 Points (12 Appearances)
Sinestro spent most of his 2020 Appearances strapped to a machine in Dark Nights: Death Metal, so I expect these numbers to be considerably higher in 2021.


Bane – 9 Points (5 Appearances)
Ouch. It is not Bane’s season, but 2021 has teased a stronger presence for him in The Joker series.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights, The Joker

Black Mask (Roman Sionis) – 14 Points (4 Appearances)
Black Mask is a leader who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. That’s great odds for an antagonist.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

Clayface (Basil Karlo) – 35 Points (9 Appearances)
Clayface is a powerhouse, and he walks the line between Hero and Antagonist. Just like Catwoman is a Hero with villainous connections, Clayface is a Antagonist with heroic connections.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

Clown Hunter (Bao Pham)- 32 Points (8 Appearances)
Clown Hunter is a new character, set for a big 2021. He’s Batman’s latest charity case, but far more homicidal than most seen in the past. He doesn’t seem to be leaving the core title anytime soon.
Titles: Batman

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) – 21 Points (7 Appearances)
I thought Deathstroke would put up more points. He’s got more connections to Heroes than most, especially prominent ones like the Bat-Family.

Ghost-Maker – 10 Points (2 Appearances)
Slipping in just under the radar at the end of 2020, Batman’s newest murderous ally has big storylines coming his way in 2021.
Titles: Batman, Detective Comics

Hugo Strange – 5 Points (2 Appearances)
He’s one of the most prominent Batman heroes, with limited scoring abilities, but 2021 will bring him to the forefront of Harley Quinn’s first big storyline in her on-going.
Titles: Harley Quinn (April 2021)

KGBeast – 25 Points (4 Appearances)
The Beast had a solid 2020, as the conclusion of the Ric Grayson storyline brought him back into the fold. Who knows what 2021 holds for him though.

Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) – 30 Points (13 Appearances)
Waylon is a bit of a disappointment. He doesn’t do a whole lot even if he does appear frequently.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

Lady Shiva – 11 Points (3 Appearances)
Lady Shiva is one of the deadliest character in the DC Universe. She could be the Batman equivalent on the Antagonist side, if given the focus. 2020 was an off year, but who knows if 2021 will be better?

Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries)- 16 Points (7 Appearances)
He’s not making any big ripples, but he is a classic. And he’s attached to Future Slate.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

Poison Ivy (Pamela Ivy)- 48 Points (14 Appearances)
Poison Ivy was teased for a big Queen Ivy storyline in 2021, so I’d want to get my hands on her. DC also seems to be shifting favorably towards the Harley Quinn/Ivy romance, so expected big things from her in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights, Batman: Urban Legends, Catwoman (March 2021), Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red

Punchline (Alexis Kane) – 42 Points (11 Appearances)
2020 was a big set-up, and I’m curious to see what the punchline of 2021 will be like for this character. She’s one of the few Antagonists to have a series, because y’know… Bat Privilege.
Title: The Joker

Ra’s Al Ghul – 16 Points (4 Appearances)
He was the central antagonist of Batman & The Outsiders in 2020, but the future is uncertain for Ra’s. He does have a miniseries to kick off the year though.
Titles: Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul (March 2021)

Scare Crow (Jonathan Crane) – 19 Points (8 Appearances)
Scarecrow’s gimmicks is another one not strong suited for the FCL. He’s kicking off 2021 with a storyline in the central Batman book.
Titles: Batman, Batman: Gotham Nights

Solomon Grundy – 19 Points (5 Appearances)
2020 revealed that Grundy has strong ties to the Green (of Swamp Thing fame), so there may be interesting things for him in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

Talia Al Ghul – 7 Points (3 Appearances)
The sometimes lover of Bruce Wayne and leader of organizations like the League of Assassins and Leviathan, Talia gets around. Damian will cross paths with his mother to kick off a storyline of discovery, hopefully for both.
Titles: Batman

The Joker – 109 Points (29 Appearances)
The King Antagonist, he was the star of two events in 2020. And 2021 will see him getting an on-going series, which will feature a lot of juggling of big plots.
Title: Batman/Catwoman (April 2021), Batman: Gotham Nights, The Joker

The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)- 45 Points (18 Appearances)
The Penguin is a leader, one of Batman’s most picked upon prey, but doesn’t put up much a fight. Still not a bad choice to have in your corner.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights, Catwoman (April 2021)

The Riddler (Edward Nygma) – 27 Points (14 Appearances)
The Riddler’s gimmick isn’t one strong suited for the Fantasy Comic League. Still, he is a classic who appears a lot.
Title: Batman: Black & White (April 2021), Batman: Gotham Nights, Catwoman (April 2021)

Two-Face (Harvey Dent) – 8 Points (6 Appearances)
Oof, Two Face disappoints. He has the potential to score big, so hopefully he gets a time to shine in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Black & White (April 2021), Batman: Gotham Nights


Captain Boomerang (George Harkness) – 4 Points (1 Appearance)
Of the Flash villains, he’s the most likely to show up outside of Central City, thanks to ties with the Suicide Squad.
Titles: Man-Bat

Captain Cold (Leonard Snart) – 15 Points (7 Appearances)
The Rogues have been the focus in-between Joshua Wiliamson’s finale and whoever the next Flash mainstay is. Cold is their leader, but even if he does show, doubt he’ll do a lot though.

Gorilla Grodd – 23 Points (11 Appearances)
I imagine he’ll get a storyline sometime in 2021, but who knows when. He’s got a fair amount of scoring opportunities between telepathy and his brute strength.

Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) – 36 Points (5 Appearances)
He scored big during Joshua Williamson’s finale, but it’s hard to promise a great turnout for him again anytime soon.


Bolt (Lawrence Bolatinsky) – No Data Available.
I know nothing about this guy, other than he’s about to be in the new Suicide Squad relaunch.
Titles: The Suicide Squad

Deadshot – 11 Points (5 Appearances)
Deadshot met his demise in 2020, but thanks to a Man-Bat series that takes place in the past, he’ll be firing rounds alongside the rest of the squad in 2021.
Title: Man-Bat

Pacemaker – No Data Available
This guy is about to have a big 2021, with a starring role in The Suicide Squad film that is being accompanied by a prequel miniseries starring the character, as played by John Cena. I can’t imagine that has anything to do with him taking charge of the squad in the comics.
Titles: The Suicide Squad

Shrike – No Data Available
I know nothing about this guy, other than he’s about to be in the new Suicide Squad relaunch.
Titles: The Suicide Squad

Talon – No Data Available
There is two possible options for who this Talon can be, William Cobb or Calvin Rose. When I know which one will be appearing in the Squad, I will update this.
Titles: The Suicide Squad



Bizarro – 20 Points (6 Appearances)
Bizarro is just coming off his most pronounced run ever with the conclusion of Red Hood and The Outlaws. Will he stay in the spotlight now that he’s the ruler of Hell?
Title: Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Doomsday – 2 Points (1 Appearance)
I would expect him to show up in the digital titles first, they’ve got a sort of classic continuity free feel to them.
Title: Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Lex Luthor – 62 Points (16 Appearances)
Lex Luthor is actually do less than I thought he would. He’s a leader, albeit one who took a tumble from grace in 2020. Here’s to a stronger 2021.
Title: Action Comics, Superman: Red & Blue (April 2021)

Parasite – 14 Points (5 Appearances)
Most of his Appearances in 2020 were in digital comics, but he gets around. I’m sure we’ll see him in 2021, it’s just a question of when and where.
Titles: Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Superboy Prime – 50 Points (6 Appearances)
Superboy Prime was a suprise show in Dark Nights Death Metal and Shazam, where he kicked all kinds of ass. The antagonistic sleeper pick, if he shows again.


Cheetah (Barbara Minerva) – 26 Points (9 Appearances)
She was part of the group that hindered both Gorilla Grodd and Sinestro. She’s due for more meaningful appearances, given her role in WW84.
Titles: Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace

Count Vertigo (Werner Zytle) – 8 Points (2 Appearances)
A solid performer, with connections that go beyond Wonder Woman. I feel relatively safe in assuming we will see Count Vertigo in 2021.
Titles: Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace

Maxwell Lord – 32 Points (9 Appearances)
Maxwell Lord had a strong boost at the end of 2020, thanks to a certain film he starred in. He’s teased for 2021 storylines in the Wonder Family titles.
Title: Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace


1.) Harley Quinn – 173 Points, 42 Appearances
2.) The Joker- 109 Points, 29 Appearances
3.) Black Adam – 70 Points, 11 Appearances
4.) The Batman Who Laughs – 66 Points, 11 Appearances
5.) Frost King- 63 Points, 9 Appearances
6.) Lex Luthor – 62 Points, 16 Appearances
7.) Lobo – 51 Points, 7 Appearances
8.) Superboy Prime – 50 Points, 6 Appearances
9.) Robin King- 49 Points, 9 Appearances
10.) Poison Ivy – 48 Points, 14 Appearances
11.) The Penguin – 45 Points, 18 Appearances
12.) Punchline – 42 Points, 11 Appearances
13.) Darkseid – 38 Points, 7 Appearances
14.) Reverse Flash – 36 Points, 5 Appearances
15.) Clayface – 35 Points, 9 Appearances
16.) Sinestro- 33 Points, 12 Appearances
17.) Clownhunter – 32 Points, 8 Appearances
18.) Maxwell Lord – 32 Points, 9 Appearances
19.) Man-Bat – 30 Points, 10 Appearances
20.) Killer Croc – 30 Points, 13 Appearances

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