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There is a couple differences that need to be considered when you compare DC to Marvel. The first is the addition of weekly digital comics, which gives the central DC heroes a huge advantage over everyone else. The second is the number of imprints and Elseworlds stories that DC has, featuring characters that do not qualify as the central heroes of their universe.

DC’s 2021 Q1 is also going to be shook up considerably by Future State, where all normal titles will cease publication for two months in favor of titles that take place in the future. The Titles advertised here begin in March 2021.

The Stats here are the final results of 2020, based off 22 weeks of scoring.

If there are heroes you are curious about that cannot be found on this list, please reach out on Twitter. If the data exists, we will provide it.

The Predictions/Titles Made are reflective of 2021 (up to April)


Adam Strange – 29 Points (5 Appearances)
Strange Adventures is a stealth point getter for the DC division, with Adam Strange take the central role in a bloody conflict that threatens to repeat itself.
Titles: Strange Adventures

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) – 15 Points (4 Appearances)
Jaime Reyes is the definition of a solid middle of the road character. He doesn’t stand around, but he doesn’t score big when he shows up. That’s likely because he’s apart of a team, rather than a solo focus.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) – 18 Points, (6 Appearances)
Thanks to a villainous turn in Suicide Squad and some love during Dark Nights Death Metal, Ted has had a better than normal year.

Crush – 35 Points (10 Appearances)
She’s the daughter of the Main Man himself, and she’s one of the more enjoyable elements of the recently concluded Teen Titans. She looks to be a permanent part of the Titans lineup going forward, so here’s to a strong 2021.
Title: Teen Titans Academy

Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) – 48 Points (13 Appearances)
The most commonly seen Hawk, she puts up a decent amount of points but she’s no heavy hitter at the same time. She will be a part of Brian Michael Bendis’ Justice League lineup.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021)

Hawkman (Carter Hall) – 43 Points (9 Appearances)
A strong performer with an uncertain future. His book recently concluded and he is not attached to any future titles.

Hawkwoman (Shayera Thal) – 33 Points (6 Appearances)
A strong performer with an uncertain future. Her book recently concluded and she is not attached to any future titles.

Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) – 45 Points (16 Appearances)
J’onn should be a powerhouse with his diverse skillset, including telepathy and the ability to morph. Here’s hoping for a stronger 2021, although he is not currently attached to a title.

Starfire – 64 Points (17 Appearances)
Starfire is always a sure bet, she never goes out of style. She will be an instructor at Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy


Aqualad (Jackson Hyde)- 37 Points (6 Appearances)
Jackson Hyde benefitted from a storyline centered around him in 2020. Still, he is a very versatile character power wise. He is not attached to a title currently.

Aquaman (Arthur Curry) – 67 Points (18 Appearances)
Aquaman is proof that just because you get appearances, doesn’t mean you get points. His recently concluded book was about something much bigger than himself right now, and he’s not really all that active when he shows up in team books. He will remain on the Justice League in 2021.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021)

Mera – 23 Points (7 Appearances)
Mera is a wildfire bet, but she has the potential to score big if she is given the chance to shine. She’s as likely to appear in Aquaman’s ongoing as he is, and has appeared in most of the big events recently


Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) – 128 Points (31 Appearances)
Barbara Gordon is the third strongest performing Bat-Family member and has a presence outside of the Bat-Family thanks to her additional role as Oracle (on top of Batgirl). She is a mainstay in the Bat-Family titles and is the co-star of the upcoming Nightwing series.
Titles: Batman (April 2021), Batman: Gotham Nights, Batman: Urban Legends (April 2021), Nightwing

Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 504 Points (89 Appearances)
Bruce Wayne is the best character in the Fantasy Comic League.
Titles: Batman, Batman: Black & White, Batman: Gotham Nights, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman: Urban Legends, Batman/Catwoman, Batman/Superman, Batman Vs Ra’s Al Ghul, Detective Comics, Justice League, Strange Adventures, The Flash (March 2021)

Batman (Jace Fox) – NA
The Batman of Future State, and member of the Fox family, Tim “Jace” Fox is going to be sticking around once the time jump event is over.
Title: The Next Batman: Second Son

Batman (Terry Guinness) – 40 Points (5 Appearances)
After the conclusion of Batman Beyond in 2020, Terry’s only likely appearances will be in Special one-off issues.

Batwoman (Kate Kane) – 68 Points (16 Appearances)
Batwoman is one of the surefire bets in the Bat-Family, and I would think the strongest contender for best character without a title of her own.
Title: Batman: Gotham Nights

Black Lighting (Jefferson Pierce) – 26 Points (7 Appearances)
I guess he’s part Bat-Family these days. His title was cancelled, but with a CW show and his level of popularity, Black Lightning will shine again. He continues to lead the Outsiders in 2021.
Title: Batman: Urban Legends

Bluebird (Harper Row) – 6 Points (2 Appearances)
Harper Row was one of the least favored Bat-Family members in 2020, but she holds a title in 2021, which is more than many of the other Bat-Family members can say.
Titles: The Joker

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 88 Points (15 Appearances)
Selina Kyle is one of the strongest performing members of the Bat-Family. She can also guest star on her own two feet, thanks to her villainous connections.
Titles: Batman/Catwoman, Catwoman

Grifter (Cole Cash) – 4 Points (1 Appearance)
Grifter has made his way into the streets of Gotham. It would seem he’s sticking around, so that’s at least some shelter from obscurity for the Wildstorm refugee.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends

Harley Quinn – 173 Points (42 Appearances)
Harley makes the jump into the Hero category in 2021, thanks to a big push with the Bat-Family. She was the DC Antagonist of 2020, so you definitely want her on your team in 2021.
Titles: Batman (April 2021) Batman: Urban Legends, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red, Man-Bat (April 2021)

Katana – 11 Points (5 Appearances)
Arguably the leader of the Outsiders, she didn’t get much time to shine in 2020. Her stats are very weak, so she is a risky pick. She’ll remain part of the Outsiders team in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, The Other History Of The DC Universe (March 2021)

Metamorpho (Rex Mason) – 17 Points (4 Appearances)
Rex’s powerset makes him a strong player, but his appearances just aren’t where they need to be to make him a star. He joins the Outsiders in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 161 Points (37 Appearances)
Dick Grayson stands as the prodigal son of the Bat-Family. He’s the glue of the DC Universe and the Bat-Family, meaning he appears outside his own series a lot.
Titles: atman: Black & White (April 2021), Batman: Gotham Nights, Nightwing, Teen Titans Academy

Orphan (Cassandra Cain) – 60 Points (16 Appearances)
Cassandra Cain is often seen as one of the Black Sheep of the Bat-Family, but she’s definitely the most privileged amongst them. She’s just take on the Bat-Symbol, and will be operating as a Batgirl and alongside the Outsiders in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights, Batman: Urban Legends

Red Hood (Jason Todd) – 88 Points (20 Appearances)
Jason Todd is a character you want on your team. He’s the second most used of the Robins and he often racks up some points when he appears.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights, Batman: Urban Legends

Robin (Damian Wayne) – 65 Points (19 Appearances)
Damian Wayne’s profile took a tumble in 2020, with the cancelation of Super Sons and Damian quitting the mantle of Robin. Despite that, he still appeared in many Batman titles, and 2021 sees the return of the Super-Sons as a digital title.
Titles: Batman (March 2021), Batman: Black & White (April 2021), Batman: Gotham Nights, Challenge Of The Super-Sons, Detective Comics (March 2021), Robin

Robin (Tim Drake) – 51 Points (17 Appearances)
Tim Drake is probably the Bat-Family member who stands around the most. He constantly shows up and just stands around. Young Justice was just cancelled too, taking Tim’s team book away from him.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) – 51 Points (14 Appearances)
She’s almost identical to Cassandra Cain in performance these days, except Cassandra Cain gets a little more attention thrown her way.
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights

The Signal (Duke Thomas) – 33 Points (13 Appearances)
Duke is one of the poorer performing Bat-Family members, despite having his own actual team book for a moment. Now with that cancelled, the future seems unclear for Duke
Titles: Batman: Gotham Nights


Deadman (Boston Brand) – 6 Points, 1 Appearance.
Boston is a bit of a wild-shot, but he puts points up when he does appear. He frequently appears over in Gotham, which gets the most pages per square foot in the entire DC Universe.
Titles: Batman Vs. Ra’s Al Ghul (March 2021)

Detective Chimp (Bobo) – 46 Points (15 Appearances)
Everybody loves Detective Chimp, he appears all over. He’s not the most versatile in battle though, reflected in his points. He remains a part of Justice League Dark in 2021, although the entire team has been reduced to backup status in the main Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League

Doctor Fate (Khalid Nassour) -35 Points (8 Appearances)
The Current Doctor Fate, he’s not always the guy under the mask, but he puts up points when he is.
He remains a part of Justice League Dark in 2021, although the entire team has been reduced to backup status in the main Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League

Hellblazer (John Constantine) – 31 Points (9 Appearances)
Honestly, Constantine is kind of shit. He talks the talk, but he makes others walk the walk for him. Most of his points are from teaming up and leading that team into chaos. He remains a part of Justice League Dark in 2021, although the entire team has been reduced to backup status in the main Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League, Truth & Justice (April 2021)

Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom) – 30 Points (10 Appearances)
2021 brings Man-Bat to the Hero side of things. It also holds a promising start, with his own mini-series and a continuation of Justice League Dark as a backup in the regular Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League, Man-Bat

Shazam (Billy Batson) – 33 Points (4 Appearances)
Billy Batson is a powerhouse character, but he doesn’t get as much exposure as say a Bat-Family member. He’s going to Teen Titans Academy in 2021, and has an infrequent digital title.
Titles: Shazam: Lightning Strikes, Teen Titans Academy

Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) – 126 Points (25 Appearances)
Alec Holland in 2020 scored for every appearance of Swamp Thing, which gave him a massive number. And while he’ll still be the default Swamp Thing in 2021, he won’t be gaining points if there is any indication by design or text that it isn’t him.

Swamp Thing (Levi Kamei) – No Data Available
A new addition to the Swamp Thing mythos, Levi will be the primary Swamp Thing in the new on-going launching in 2021. Time will tell if he becomes the main Swamp Thing of the DC Universe.
Titles: The Swamp Thing

Zatanna Zatara – 39 Points (11 Appearances)
Zatanna feels weaker than she should be with her performances. I think she suffers from being part of a team rather than getting solo focus. She remains a part of Justice League Dark in 2021, although the entire team has been reduced to backup status in the main Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League


Impulse (Bart Allen) – 28 Points (10 Appearances)
Part of the recently cancelled Young Justice, The Flash family have been huge guest stars in the main title and events in 2020. However, Bart gets the least amount of attention, usually ignored in favor of Wallace West.
Titles: The Flash

Kid Flash (Wallace West) – 49 Points (13 Appearances)
It was a great 2020 for Wallace as he appeared in events, his team book, and the central Flash book. The events have wrapped, his book is concluded, and that makes his 2021 a bit of crap shoot.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, The Flash

The Flash (Avery Ho) -22 Points (6 Appearances)
My Speedster daughter, I love to see her go. She has a presence in Future Slate, and has appeared frequently in the central book. She’s also been part of her own team book before and I hope they don’t hinder her potential in 2021.

The Flash (Barry Allen) – 184 Points (40 Appearances)
The most reliable character outside of the Trinity and the Bat-Family, Barry is the head of a very prominent family in the DC Universe. He will be sharing his title with Wally West and possibly stepping down from the Justice League in 2021.
Title: Justice League (March 2021), The Flash

The Flash (Jay Garrick) – 49 Points (13 Appearances)
Jay Garrick’s performance in 2020 consistently surprised me. He appeared all over the place and didn’t just stand around when he did. He is one of the sleeper picks of the DC Universe for sure.
Titles: The Flash

The Flash (Wally West)- 39 Points (9 Appearances)
Wally West had such a crazy 2020, I don’t know if these are accurate readings for him. Regardless, he tends to show up a lot and often takes over as the star of Flash related things. He’ll be the co-star of The Flash title in 2021 and likely to appear elsewhere.
Title: The Flash


Guy Gardner – 25 Points (9 Appearances)
One of the weaker Green Lanterns, he’s not the bottom of the barrel though. Guy is attached to Future Slate.

Hal Jordan – 80 Points (18 Appearances)
The Original Lantern, DC will never shy away from giving him the lime light. Hal’s got one final issue of his on-going in 2021 and then who knows where he’ll end up.
Titles: The Green Lantern Season Two (March 2021)

Jessica Cruz – 34 Points (8 Appearances)
One of the stronger lanterns, she’s currently caught in transition from a recently concluded book to where-ever she lands next.

John Stewart – 120 Points (23 Appearances)
Arguably the strongest lantern, he is the one that gets the main focus in Justice League and the Earth-Side guest appearances. John will be taking over the core Green Lantern title in 2021, but stepping down from the Justice League to do so.
Title: Green Lantern

Keli Quintela – 24 Points (5 Appearances)
A Green Lantern by the thinnest of margins, she is a teenager who created a weapon out of Green Lantern tech, rather than being receiving a ring. She was a member of Young Justice, but she’s heading out to space in 2021 with John Stewart.
Title: Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner – 29 Points (10 Appearances)
Kyle and Guy duke it out for second place in the least loved Green Lantern category. 2020 seemed to side just slightly in Kyle’s favor. He shows up, but he doesn’t do much.

Simon Baz – 11 Points (3 Appearances)
Simon is the least loved Green Lantern.

Sojourner Mullein – 29 Points (3 Appearances)
Jo is the strongest performing per Appearance Green Lantern and she’s about to get a huge boost in Future Slate. 2021 could be a huge year for Jo, or it could have a huge drought once her maxiseries concludes.
Title: Far Sector


Black Canary (Dinah Lance) – 10 Points (4 Appearances)
Black Canary did not receive much focus in 2020, likely due to the cancelation of Birds of Prey and the Green Arrow titles. She’ll join the Justice League in 2021, giving her a stable revenue of Appearances.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021)

Booster Gold (Michael Carter) – 29 Points (6 Appearances)
He never seems to have a title, but he finds his way into books fairly frequently. Will 2021 be his year, or will he be stuck waiting for a better future?

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) – 19 Points (9 Appearances)
What a rough year for Oliver Queen. 2021 sees him leading the Justice League, which will be sure to boost the profile of this classic DC Hero.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021)

Midnighter – No Data Available
Midnighter will be making an appearance in Actions Comic in 2021, putting him into the FCL database for the first time.
Titles: Action Comics

Mr Terrific (Michael Holt) – 39 Points (10 Appearances)
Mr. Terrific is another sleeper pick for DC. He leads his own team (although their book concluded), is a co-star of the Strange Adventures book, and a frequent guest star in the DC Universe.
Titles: Strange Adventures

Naomi McDuffie – 15 Points (4 Appearances)
One of the biggest new characters from the last couple years, 2021 will carry to the heights of the Justice League, written by one of her co-creators, Brian Michael Bendis.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021)


Steel (John Irons) – 29 Points (9 Appearances)
He’s a bit of a gamble, but not the worst option on the table. He’s gotten both digital and physical love in 2020, which hopefully continues in 2021.
Titles: Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Superboy (Connor Kent) – 52 Points (14 Appearances)
Connor Kent had a strong 2020, with regular guest appearances and his own team book. He will remain a presence in the Super-Family titles in 2021, as well as a member of the upcoming Suicide Squad relaunch.
Titles: Suicide Squad, Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Superboy (Jonathan Kent) – 91 Points (22 Appearances)
Jonathan Kent has a title of his own (where he seems to be taking on the mantle of Superman in 2021) as well as a digital book with Damian Wayne. He’s still attached to the Legion of Superheroes as well, although the future of that title is uncertain at this time.
Titles: Challenge Of The Super-Sons, Superman,

Supergirl (Kara Kent) – 53 Points (16 Appearances)
Despite her book getting cancelled just before we started tracking points, Kara continues to put up solid points. She’s received both digital and physical love. Future State will propel her forward, and hopefully that momentum will carry her places in 2021.
Titles: Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Superman (Clark Kent) – 364 Points (63 Appearances)
The weakest of the DC Trinity, he’s still one of the first characters you should look at grabbing.
Titles: Action Comics, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Superman, Superman: Man Of Tomorrow, Superman: Red & Blue, Truth & Justice (March 2021)


Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) – 27 Points (11 Appearances)
Beast Boy should be a powerhouse with power usages, but he rarely gets the focus when he appears on page. Beast Boy will instruct at Teen Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Cyborg (Victor Stone) – 87 Points (19 Appearances)
Vic is one of the highest scoring characters per appearance at DC, especially among those with significant appearances. He is currently being shifted away from Justice League stuff and back towards the Titans. He will instruct at Teen Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Raven (Rachel Roth) – 24 Points (8 Appearances)
Just like Beast Boy, she should be a powerhouse when it comes to power usages. She simply isn’t getting that focus though. She will instruct at Teen Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) – 45 Points (10 Appearances)
Emiko Queen survived the cancelation of Green Arrow titles and shows us the strength that a Green Arrow family member could be putting up with regular appearances and focus. She will be a student at Teen Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Red Arrow (Roy Harper) – 14 Points (4 Appearances)
Strong numbers for a dead man, but Donna Troy brought him back at the end of 2020. Will he stick around in 2021?


Artemis – 10 Points (3 Appearances)
Artemis has appeared primarily in Red Hood & The Outlaws, but seemed to be attached to the new Amazonian tribe storyline that is about to give us Yara Flor. So 2021 could hold big things for her.
Titles: Sensational Wonder-Woman

Donna Troy- 36 Points (12 Appearances)
2020 ended by establishing Donna’s prominence as the leader of the Titans. 2021 should hold big things for her.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace

Hippolyta – 46 Points (10 Appearances)
The events of Endless Winter, the tail-end event of 2020, seemed to exist solely to launch Hippolyta into the Justice League. With Diana taking on new duties in 2021, will we see Hippolyta steal that spotlight from her?
Titles: Justice League, The Flash (March 2021), Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) – 34 Points (8 Appearances)
I think 2021 will see Cassie fall in prominence in favor of Donna Troy, but we’ll just have to wait and see.
Titles: Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace

Wonder Woman (Diana Price) – 431 Points (62 Appearances)
Wonder Woman is the best performing top tier character. If she had Batman numbers, she would be unstoppable. 2021 holds interesting things for Diana, will it see her prominence diminish though?
Titles: Sensational Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace

Wonder Woman (Yara Flor) – No Data Available
Of all the Future Slate characters, Yara is the one to lock down. DC & CW are moving forward with a show based on the character before her first appearance even hits the panels. she is not going anywhere.
Titles: Wonder Woman

And lastly, the TOP 20 DC HEROES OF 2020
1.) Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 504 Points, 89 Appearances
2.) Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) – 431 Points, 62 Appearances
3.) Superman (Clark Kent) – 364 Points, 63 Appearances
4.) The Flash (Barry Allen) – 184 Points, 40 Appearances
5.) Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 161 Points, 37 Appearances
6.) Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) – 128 Points, 31 Appearances
7.) Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) – 126 Points, 25 Appearances
8.) Green Lantern (John Stewart) – 120 Points, 23 Appearances
9.) Superboy (Jonathan Kent) – 91 Points, 22 Appearances
10.) Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 88 Points, 15 Appearances
11.) Red Hood (Jason Todd) – 88 Points, 20 Appearances
12.) Cyborg (Victor Stone) – 87 Points, 19 Appearances
13.) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) – 80 Points, 18 Appearances
14.) Batwoman (Kate Kane) – 68 Points, 16 Appearances
15.) Aquaman (Arthur Curry) 67 Points, 18 Appearances
16.) Damian Wayne – 65 Points, 19 Appearances
17.) Starfire (Koriand’r) – 64 Points, 17 Appearances
18.) Orphan (Cassandra Cain) – 60 Points, 16 Appearances
19.) Supergirl (Kara Kent) – 53 Points, 16 Appearances
20.) Superboy (Connor Kent) – 52 Points, 14 Appearances

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