Marvel Fantasy Comic League Power Rankings – January 2020

To begin the new year, Doctor Strange holds a narrow lead over the perennial top performer in the month of January. Doctor Strange has three less appearances than Spider-Man, but has one more point (42) than Spidey  (41). Don’t expect that lead to hold as Spider-Man racks up more and more appearances as the year marches on. Three Avengers—Captain America (4th), Tony Stark (8th), and She-Hulk (22nd)—are the only characters in the top 25 to appear in all five weeks of January. Moon Knight stands ready to have a big year and starts off strong in 14th place. In only two appearances, Marc Spector has the best Points per Appearances ratio with 7.5. Mr. Fantastic (5th) and Misty Knight (13th) share the top spot for Team-Ups with four apiece after sharing the pages of the Ravencroft books in January. Wolverine, who finished 2019 as the second best character for Marvel, starts off the new year in 15th place.

The top antagonists at the start of the year are two of the Fantastic Four’s main villains. Doctor Doom currently sits atop the charts with 14 points across two appearances, while Namor finishes in a close second with 13 points in three appearances. Sorcerer Kulan Gath begins the year by qualifying for stat keeping with his 36th overall appearance in comics. His nine powers in one appearance launch him into third place with a Pt/App ratio of 10.0. Apocalypse (5th), Sebastian Shaw (6th) and Mr. Sinister (9th) take advantage of their truce with the X-Men to earn a spot in the top Antagonists power rankings, with Sinister appearing in each of the five weeks in January.

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