November Rough Draft

God Tier Spider-Man (Peter Parker): 8 App Captain America: 6 apps Wolverine: 6 apps Superhero Tier Jean Grey: 4 apps The Thing: 4 app Venom: 4 apps Cable (Kid): 3 app Yondu: 3 app Elektra: 3 apps Carnage: 3 apps Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara): 3 app Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 3 app Blade: 3 app Thor: 3... Continue Reading →

A Multiversal Check-In: September 2018

Hey y'all, it's a new era for the Multiverse. A Fresh Start. The competition will be closer than ever this season, which I can say with the foresight of about two months as I write this in November. New addition Agent Hyrup, husband of Asgardia Division Leader Hyrup, has brought out a competitive streak this... Continue Reading →

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