Weekly Marvel Review: January 29, 2020 (Week 05)

For those keeping track of their own review teams, full statistics can be found in the below character reviews. Please use these results to determine your score and support us via the Fantasy Comic League’s Patreon page to become a Sanctioned Review Agent. Make sure to tweet any questions or comments to @FantasyComicLG on Twitter while using the #FantasyComicLeague tag!

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #1 (7)
Koi Boy – Telepathy, TU (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man (PP) – Intellect, Webs, TU (Koi Boy)
Avengers #30 (45)
Black Panther
Black Widow – Tech, LT, SC
Blade – Blade, Weapon, SC
Captain America – LT, SC, CD (Delivers the new Starbrand)
Captain Marvel – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, SC
Ghost Rider (RR) – Vehicle, Weapon, SC
She-Hulk – Energy, SC
Thor – Flight, Melee, SC
Firelord – Flight
Gladiator – Durability, Flight, Melee
Silver Surfer – Energy, Intangibility, Vehicle
Terrax – Blade, Durability, Energy, Geokinesis, Weapon
Avengers of the Wastelands #1 (20)
Ant-Man (DB) – Flight, Grow, Melee, TU (Thor)
Hulk Jr. – Durability, Melee, Strength, TU (Ant-Man)
Thor (DC) – Flight, Lightning, Melee, Mjolnir, Water, Weapon, TU (Ant-Man), LT
Doctor Doom (OM) (No Appearance) – Creature
Captain America #18 (31)
Agent 13 – TU (Captain America)
Captain America – Agility, Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, TU (Daughters of Liberty), LT, SC, CD (Rallies the trust of the American public once again)
Doctor Toni Ho – TU (Captain America)
Invisible Woman – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, TU (Captain America)
Misty Knight – Bionics Defensive, Computer, TU (Captain America), SC
Mockingbird – TU (Captain America), SC
Spider-Woman – Pheromones, Strength, TU (Captain America)
U.S. Agent
Conan the Barbarian #12 (7)
Conan – Blade, Durability, Weapon, Will Power, CD (Reunites with his son), DA (Children of the Blood-Red Doom)
Dr. Strange #2 (20)
Doctor Druid – Telepathy
Doctor Strange
– Artifact, Deception, Flight, Heal, Intellect, Magic, Magic Offensive, Teleport, DA (Wrecker)
Thunderball – Magic, Projectile, Weapon
– Durability, Magic, Weapon
Fallen Angels #6 (22)
Bling! – TU (X-23)
Cable (Young) – Explosive, Gun, TU (X-23)
Husk – Melee, TU (X-23)
Psylocke – Blade, Flight, Tech, Telepathy, Telepathy Defensive, TU (X-23), DA (Apoth)
X-23 – Melee, TU (Psylocke), LT
Hawkeye: Freefall #2 (20)
Hawkeye (CB) – Arrow, Blade, Melee, Weapon
Iron Man (TS)
Luke Cage – Durability, Strength, Weapon
Night Nurse
Spider-Man (PP) – Crawl, Durability, Melee, Sense, Webs
Hood, The – Assassin, Gun
Immortal Hulk #30 (29)
Absorbing Man – TU (U.S. Hulk Operations)
Doc Samson – Melee, Strength, TU (Gamma Flight)
Harpy – Claws, Flight, TU (Gamma Flight)
Hulk – Heal, Melee, Strength
Puck – Vehicle, TU (U.S. Hulk Operations)
Rick Jones – Energy Offensive, Flight, SC
Titania – Strength, Weapon, TU (U.S. Hulk Operations)
Minotaur – Assassin, Melee
New Mutants #6 (10)
Angel – Acid
Armor – Weapon
Boom-Boom – Melee, Weapon
Glob – Melee
Ravencroft #1 (19)
D-Man – CD (Joins the Ravencroft staff)
Misty Knight – Melee
Green Goblin
Hobgoblin – CD (Joins the Ravencroft staff)
Moonstone – CD (Joins the Ravencroft staff)
Mr. Hyde – Melee
Scorpion – CD (Joins the Ravencroft staff)
Taskmaster – CD (Joins the Ravencroft staff)
Scream: Curse of Carnage #X (11)
Scream – Claws, Durability, Hair, Melee, Morph, Symbiote
Thor – Lightning, Melee, Mjolnir
Spider-Ham #2 (16)
Mr. Fantastic – Intellect, Stretch, Tech, TU (Spider-Ham)
Spider-Ham – Fourth Wall, Melee, Sense, Webs, TU (Mr. Fantastic)
Spider-Man (PP) – Webs, TU (Spider-Ham)
Spider-Verse #4 (3)
Spider-Man (MM) – Energy, TU (Web-Slinger)
Tarot #2 (64)
Captain America – Shield, Shield Defensive
Daredevil – Sense
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive
Hulk – Melee, Morph, Rage, Strength, Tech, Weapon, TU (Vision), LT
Human Torch – Flames
Invisible Woman – Computer
Iron Man – Flight, Repulsors, Suit
Mr. Fantastic – Stretch
Namor – Flight
Scarlet Witch – Melee
Silver Surfer – Durability, Energy, Sense, Speed, Vehicle
Spider-Man (PP) – Sense
Thing, The – Strength
Thor – Durability, Mjolnir, Will Power
Uatu the Watcher
Valkyrie – Durability, Melee
Vision – Energy Offensive, Energy, Flight, Intangibility, TU (Hulk)
Diablo – Possession, Teleport
Kang – Energy, Flight, Teleport
Thor #2 (23)
Beta Ray Bill – Weapon
Lady Sif – Sense, Teleport
Thor – Creature, Durability, Flight, Lightning, Mjolnir, Sense, Weapon, LT, SC
Galactus – Energy, Flight, Heal, Optics, Tech
X-Force #6 (25)
Beast – Computer, Intellect, Melee, LT
Black Tom Cassidy
Domino – Gun, Weapon
Kid Omega – Gun, Telekinesis Offensive, Telepathy Offensive
Marvel Girl – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Offensive, Telepathy
Professor X
Sage – Computer
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, Sense
X-Men #5 (23)
Armor – Energy, Grow, Melee
Cyclops – Optics, Optics Offensive
Darwin – Heal
Professor X – LT
Storm – Elements, Flight, Lightning
Synch – Absorb, Heal
Wolverine – Melee, Sense
X-23 – Heal

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