February 2020 Rough Draft (First Season, Second Month)

God Tier

White Queen (EF)- 5 Mutant, Anti-Hero
(4X event, Giant Sized X-Men)
Storm- 5 Mutant, Cosmic
(4X event)

Colossus- 4  Mutant
(4X event)
Conan- 4 Cosmic, Avenger, Anti-Hero
(Conan: Serpent Crown)
Doctor Doom- 4 Science, Antihero
(4X event)

Kate Pryde- 4 Mutant
(4X event)
Marvel Girl- 4 Mutant, Cosmic
(4X event, Giant Sized X-Men)
Spider-Man (PP)- 4 Street, Science

Wolverine (JH)- 4 Mutant, Street, Avenger
(4X event)

Super-Hero Tier

Black Panther- 3 Avenger, Science, Cosmic
Cyclops- 3 Mutant, Cosmic
(4X event)
Doctor Strange- 3 Magic, Avenger
Human Torch- 3 Science, Cosmic
(4X event)

Iceman- 3 Mutant
(4X event)
Invisible Woman- 3 Science, Cosmic
(4X event)
Magik- 3 Mutant, Cosmic, Youth, Magic
Mr. Fantastic- 3 Science, Cosmic
(4X event)
Mockingbird- 3 Avenger, Science
(Iron Man 2020 Event)

Professor X- 3 Mutant, Cosmic
(4X event)
The Thing- 3 Street, Cosmic
(4X event)
Thor- 3 Avenger, Cosmic

Hero Tier

Aero- 2 Avenger, Science
(Atlantis Attacks Event)
Ant-Man- 2  Science, Street
(New #1)
Apocalypse- 2 Mutant, Magic, Cosmic
Brainstorm- 2 Science, Cosmic, Youth
(4X event)
Bishop- 2 Mutant
Black Cat- 2 Antihero, Street
(Conan: Serpent Crown)

Captain America- 2 Avenger, Street
Cannonball- 2 Mutant, Cosmic, Youth
Cypher- 2 Mutant, Youth
Daredevil- 2 Street

Deadpool- 2 Mutant, Antihero
Domino- 2 Mutant

Elektra- 2 Antihero, Street
Iron Man (TS)- 2 Science, Avenger
Man-Wolf- 2 Cosmic, Street
Mirage- 2 Magic, Cosmic, Mutant, Youth
Namor- 2 Antihero, Mutant
(Atlantis Attacks Event, 4X Event)
Powerhouse- 2 Mutant, Cosmic, Science, Youth
(4X event)
Pyro- 2 Mutant, Antihero
Spider-Ham- 2 Cosmic
Spider-Man (MM)- 2 Street, Avenger
Stinger- 2 Street, Avenger, Youth
(New #1)
Sword-Master- 2 Avenger
(Atlantis Attacks Event)
Sunspot- 2 Cosmic, Mutant, Youth
Winter Soldier- 2 Avenger, Street, Antihero
(New #1)
Wolfsbane- 2 Mutant, Youth

Civilian Tier

Angela- 1 Cosmic, Antihero

Blade- 1 Magic, Antihero, Street
Brawn- 1 Avengers, Science
(Atlantis Attacks Event)

Captain Britain- 1 Mutant, Cosmic

Captain Marvel- 1 Avengers, Cosmic
Falcon- 1 Avengers, Street
(New #1)

Gambit- 1 Street, Cosmic, Mutant
Hawkeye (CB)- 1 Avenger, Street

Hercules- 1 Cosmic
Hulk- 1 Street, Cosmic, Antihero, Science
Jubilee- 1 Mutant
Marvel Boy- 1 Cosmic, Science, Youth
Ms Marvel- 1 Street, Avengers, Cosmic, Youth
Moondragon- 1 Cosmic, Alternate
Mystique- 1 Mutant, Antihero

Nightcrawler- 1 Mutant
Nova- 1 Cosmic
Phyla-Vel- 1 Cosmic, Alternate
Rictor- 1 Mutant
Rogue- 1 Mutant, Cosmic
Rocket- 1 Cosmic, Science

Scarlet Witch- 1 Magic
Shang Chi- 1 Avengers
(Atlantis Attacks Event)

She-Hulk- 1 Avenger, Science
Silk- 1 Street, Avengers
(Atlantis Attacks Event)
Spider-Woman- 1 Street, Avenger
Starlord- 1 Cosmic
Valkyrie- 1 Cosmic, Street
Venom- 1 Cosmic, Antihero, Street
Wave- 1 Avengers
(Atlantis Attacks Event)

Wiccan- 1 Magic, Youth, Avenger

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