Weekly Marvel Review: October 30, 2019 (Week 44)

Not everybody sees the newly formed mutant paradise of Krakoa as a blessing. Some even view the gateways as an invasive plague on their own sovereignty. Morgan le Fay, the self-proclaimed Queen of Otherworld, is one such ruler to shut off access to the portal which has appeared in her domain. This leads to the Braddock siblings teaming-up to investigate, which in turn ends with Betsy assuming the Captain Britain title when he brother falls under le Fay’s control. The clash with Otherworld and Psylocke’s character-defining moment set the stage for the new Excablibur series and earn it the Top Team Book of the Week with 50 points. The Savage Avengers Annual comes in with 26 points despite featuring only one member of the savage team members. Conan is joined by Black Widow and Daimon Hellstrom in tracking down Kulan Gath, another sorcerer from a different realm.

The Top Solo Book of the Week belongs to another annual offering. Doctor Strange invites a quartet of Marvel’s top magic users to protect the Sanctum Sanctorum on Halloween Night in Doctor Strange Annual. In her first appearance of 2019, Agatha Harness joins Strange, Scarlet Witch, Talisman and Doctor Voodoo to put up a total review score of 39 points. After the protective magics of Senor Magico and the League of International Magic Practitioners fail in the previous issue of Contagion, Moon Knight and Pei save the infected heroes in the events finale. Contagion ends by winning the Top Book of the Week honors with 51 points.

For those keeping track of their own review teams, full statistics can be found in the below character reviews. Please use these results to determine your score and support us via the Fantasy Comic League’s Patreon page to become a Sanctioned Review Agent. Make sure to tweet any questions or comments to @FantasyComicLG on Twitter while using the #FantasyComicLeague tag!

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Black Panther #17 (9)
Black Panther – Weapon, LT
Okoye – Tech
Shuri – Morph
Conan the Barbarian #10 (2)
Conan – Weapon
Contagion #5 (51)
Black Tarantula – TU (Moon Knight)
Doctor Strange – TU (Moon Knight)
Elektra – Melee, TU (Moon Knight)
Human Torch – Flight, TU (Moon Knight)
Invisible Woman – Telekinesis, TU (Moon Knight), DA (The Urchin)
Iron Fist – Melee, TU (Jessica Jones)
Jessica Jones – Melee, TU (Moon Knight), LT
Luke Cage – TU (Moon Knight)
Mole Man – TU (Moon Knight)
Moon Knight – Personality, Weapon, TU (Jessica Jones), LT, SC, CD (Willingly infects himself), DA (The Urchin)
Mr. Fantastic – Intellect, Stretch, TU (Moon Knight)
Piledriver – Melee, TU (Jessica Jones)
Punisher – TU (Moon Knight)
Thing – Durability, Melee, TU (Jessica Jones)
Thunderball – TU (Moon Knight)
White Tiger – TU (Moon Knight)
Dead Man Logan #12 (10)
Logan – Claws, Claws Offensive, CD (Dies), DA (Sabretooth)
Mr. Sinister (OM) – CD (Dies)
Sabretooth (OM) – Melee, CD (Dies)
Death’s Head #4 (18)
Death’s Head – Blade, Gun, Melee, Weapon, TU (Hulkling), LT
Hawkeye (KB) – TU (Wiccan)
Hulkling – Flight, Morph, TU (Hawkeye)
Wiccan – Flight, Teleport, TU (Hawkeye)
Doctor Strange Annual #1 (39)
Agatha Harkness – Magic, Magic Offensive, Telepathy, Weapon, TU (Doctor Strange)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Telepathy, TU (Scarlet Witch), LT
Doctor Voodoo – Magic, Magic Offensive, Telepathy, Weapon, TU (Doctor Strange), SC
Scarlet Witch – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Telepathy, TU (Doctor Strange), LT
Talisman – Magic, Magic Offensive, Sense, Telepathy, TU (Doctor Strange)
Wong – Magic, Magic Offensive, CD (Reveals that his bloodline is destined to keep watch on the Sorcerer Supreme)
Excalibur #1 (50)
Apocalypse – Melee, Telepathy, TU (Rogue), LT
Captain Britain (Betsy) – Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Telepathy, Telepathy Offensive, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Captain Britain), CD (Claims the title of Captain Britain)
Gambit – Energy, Melee, TU (Apocalypse)
Goldballs – CD (Adopts the codename ‘Egg’)
Jean Grey
Jubilee – TU (Apocalypse)
Monarch – Morph, Telekinesis, CD (Returns from the dead)
Rogue – Absorb, TU (Apocalypse)
Trinary – TU (Apocalypse)
Captain Britain (Brian) – Melee, Teleport, TU (Captain Britain)
Morgan le Fay
– Magic, Magic Offensive, Melee, Possession
Friendly Spider-Man #13 (29)
Human Torch – Durability, Flames, Flight, Tech, TU (Spider-Man), SC
Invisible Woman – Invisibility, Telekinesis, TU (Spider-Man), DA (Hale)
Mr. Fantastic – Intellect, Stretch, Tech, Weapon, TU (Spider-Man), SC
Spider-Man (PP) – Intellect, Tech, TU (Fantastic Four), SC
Thing – Durability, TU (Spider-Man)
Invisible Woman#4 (10)
Invisible Woman – Deception, Ensnare, Espionage, Invisibility, Sense, Telekinesis, Vehicle
Maria Hill – Weapon
Ironheart #11 (21)
Ironheart – Flight, Melee, Repulsor, Suit, TU (Shuri)
Okoye – Weapon, TU (Ironheart), LT
Shuri – Tech, TU (Ironheart)
Silhouette – Stealth, Tech, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Ironheart)
Midnight’s Fire – Melee
Red Goblin: Red Death #1 (8)
Green Goblin – Assassin, Claws, Melee, Personality, Symbiote, Vehicle, Weapon
Runaways #26 (10)
Chase Stein
Gert Yorkes
Karolina Dean – Flight
Molly Hayes – Durability
Nico Minorou
Victor Mancha – Energy, CD (Convinces Doc Justice to let him join him)
Savage Avengers Annual #1 (26)
Black Widow – Computer, Stealth, Weapon, TU (Conan), LT, SC
Conan – Blade, Creature, Gun, Melee, Weapon, TU (Black Widow), SC
Daimon Hellstrom – Creature, Demonic, Durability, Flames, Melee, Sense, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Conan), SC
Silver Surfer: Black #5 (22)
Ego – Flame, TU (Silver Surfer)
Silver Surfer – Cosmic, Energy, Morph, Sense, Speed, Vehicle, Weapon, Will Power, TU (Ego), LT, CD (Dies to reseed the universe), DA (Knull)
Knull – Blade, Creature, Energy, Symbiote, Weapon
Superior Spider-Man #12 (6)
Doctor Octopus – Intellect, Suit, Tech, SC, DA (Spider-Man)
Venom #19 (28)
Captain America – TU (Spider-Man), SC
Hawkeye (CB) – Arrow, Trick Arrow, Vehicle, TU (Spider-Man), SC
Hulk – Intellect
Spider-Man (PP) – Webs, TU (Thing), SC
Thing – Durability, Strength, TU (Spider-Man), SC
Wolverine – TU (Spider-Man), SC
Maker – Durability, Melee, Symbiote


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