Weekly Marvel Review: July 17, 2019 (Week 29)

And thus, the Age of X-Man comes to an end. X-Man’s flawed reality crashes down around him when the various mutants demand that he return them to their rightful universe. But not all of the 31 featured characters were thrilled to go back home. Magneto hangs back to aid X-Man and give world building one more try. Age of X-Man‘s 48 points make it the Top Event Book of the Week, not a hard feat considering it was the only event book to be released. The top overall book belongs to the other big X-Men title, Uncanny X-Men. Marvel reunites their premiere team when Jean Grey, Storm and the other displaced X-Men return to aid Cyclops in his time of need. X-Men earns a review score of 99 points with 29 separate characters.

Carol Danvers has assembled a reliable team of heroes to support her in her own solo book. Captain Marvel’s J-Force – consisting of Jessica Drew, Jen Walters, Jessica Jones and Jennifer Takeda – join together to lift Carol’s spirits after her unjust dismissal from the Air Force. Captain Marvel earns a review score of 29 points tying Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War’s review score. The Gamerverse title receives its best score in its short run so far due to the assembling of that world’s version of the Sinister Six.

For those keeping track of their own review teams, full statistics can be found in the below character reviews. Please use these results to determine your score and support us via the Fantasy Comic League’s Patreon page to become a Sanctioned Review Agent. Make sure to tweet any questions or comments to @FantasyComicLG on Twitter while using the #FantasyComicLeague tag!

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.


Age of X-Man Omega #1 (48)
Beast – Melee
Bishop – Energy, LT
Iceman – Ice
Jean Grey – Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive
Kitty Pryde – Melee
Magneto – Magnetics, CD (Stays behind to recreate a new world with X-Man)
Nature Girl – Plant
Nightcrawler – Teleport
Polaris – Flight, Magnetics
Scout – Heal, Vehicle
X-Man – Flight, CD (Creates a new universe)
Captain Marvel #8 (29)
Captain America
Captain Marvel – Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Speed, Strength, TU (Spider-Woman), CD (Gets dismissed from the Air Force)
Hazmat – Radiation, TU (Spider-Woman), SC
Iron Man
Jessica Jones
She-Hulk – Durability, Melee, Strength
Spider-Woman – Crawl, TU (Hazmat), LT
Doctor Minerva – CD (Extends an offer of help to Captain Marvel)
Daredevil #8 (9)
Daredevil – Sense, SC
Kingpin – Business, Gun, Weapon
Owl – Weapon
Deadpool #15 (11)
Deadpool – Durability, Fourth Wall, Melee, CD (Remembers he has a daughter), DA (Good Night)
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Mephisto – Magic, Melee, Teleport
Domino: Hotshots #5 (10)
Black Widow
Domino – Melee, Tech, Weapon, LT, DA (Geun the Executioner)
White Fox
Immortal Hulk #21 (13)
Absorbing Man – Absorb
Doc Samson – Melee
General Ross – LT
Hulk – Durability, Strength
Sasquatch – Weapon
Invaders #7 (27)
Bethany Cabe
Captain America – Melee, Shield, Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, LT
Human Torch (JH) – Flame, Flame Offensive, Flight, CD (Receives an Iron Man body upgrade)
Iron Man – Flight, Melee
Winter Soldier – Bionics, Gun, Weapon
Namor – Durability, Flight, Melee, CD (Comes into possession of the Serpent Crown)
Red Skull
Loki #1 (14)
Loki – Artifact, Business, Creature, Deception, Magic, Magic Offensive
Thor – Business
Armadillo – Morph
Nightmare – Creature
Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War #5 (29)
Spider-Man (PS4) – Crawl, Melee, Sense, Strength, Webs, SC
Doctor Octopus (PS4) – Suit, CD (Assembles the Sinister Six)
Electro (PS4) – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, CD (Joins the Sinister Six)
Mr. Negative (PS4) – Energy, Energy Offensive, CD (Joins the Sinister Six)
Rhino (PS4) – Melee, CD (Joins the Sinister Six)
Scorpion (PS4) – Tail, CD (Joins the Sinister Six)
Silver Sable (PS4)
Vulture (PS4) – Flight, CD (Joins the Sinister Six)
Punisher Annual #1 (6)
Punisher – Assassin, Gun, Melee, Vehicle, Weapon
Silver Surfer: Black #2 (18)
Silver Surfer – Cosmic, Durability, Energy, Flight, Speed, TU (Ego)
Ego – Energy, TU (Silver Surfer)
Galactus – Energy
Knull – Creature, Energy, Energy Offensive, Symbiote, Weapon
Superior Spider-Man #9 (7)
Spider-Man (OO) – Melee, Webs, SC, DA (Turner D. Century)
Spider-Man (PP) – Webs
Uncanny X-Men #22 (99)
Angel – Flight, TU (Cyclops)
Anole – TU (Cyclops)
Armor – Energy, Melee, TU (Cyclops)
Beast – Melee, TU (Cyclops)
Bishop – Weapon, TU (Cyclops)
Colossus – Melee, Weapon, TU (Cyclops)
Cyclops – Optics, Optics Offensive, TU (Emma Frost), LT, CD (Reunites with Jean Grey)
Doctor Nemesis – Weapon, TU (Cyclops)
Emma Frost – Morph, Telepathy, TU (Cyclops), LT
Fabian Cortez – TU (Cyclops), CD (Dies)
Glob – Melee, TU (Cyclops)
Havok – Energy, Energy Offensive, TU (Cyclops), CD (Overloads his powers and sacrifices himself)
Hope – Gun, Telepathy, Weapon, TU (Cyclops)
Iceman – Ice, TU (Cyclops)
Jean Grey – Flight, TU (Cyclops), CD (Reunites with Cyclops)
Kitty Pryde – TU (Cyclops)
Magneto – Flight, Magnetics, TU (Cyclops)
Mirage – Arrow, TU (Cyclops)
Multiple Man – Creature, TU (Cyclops), CD (Dies)
Mystique – TU (Cyclops)
Nightcrawler – Teleport, TU (Cyclops)
Northstar – Flight, TU (Cyclops)
Polaris – TU (Cyclops)
Psylocke – TU (Cyclops)
Rockslide – Melee, TU (Cyclops)
Storm – Flight, TU (Cyclops), LT
Warlock – Sense, TU (Cyclops), CD (Dies)
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, TU (Cyclops), DA (General Callahan)
X-23 – TU (Cyclops)
Unstoppable Wasp #10 (24)
Ghost Rider (RR)
Hawkeye (KB)
Mockingbird – TU (Winter Soldier)
Ms. America
Tigra – Melee, DA (Scientist Supreme)
Wasp (JvD)
Wasp (NvD) – Flight, Grow, Melee, Shrink, Size, CD (Learns her father is merged with Ultron)
Winter Soldier – Melee, TU (Mockingbird)
Finesse – CD (Joins G.I.R.L.)
Scientist Supreme
Ultron – Melee
X-Force #10 (33)
Boom Boom – Energy, Energy Offensive, DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Cannonball – DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Deathlok – Claws, Computer, DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Domino – LT, DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Kid Cable – Energy, Telepathy, CD (Convinces Prestige to spare Stryfe), DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Prestige – Telekinesis, Telekinesis Offensive, Telepathy, Telepathy Offensive, DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Shatterstar – DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
Warpath – Melee, DA (Mutant Liberation Front)
ADAM Unit Zero – CD (Dies)
Stryfe – LT


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