Weekly Marvel Review: April 24, 2019 (Week 17)

Misery acquaints a man with Strange bedfellows. And nobody invokes misery quite like the Devourer of Worlds. In the latest issue of his solo title, Doctor Strange made a pact with Galactus in order to save the magical realm in which Galactus is trapped. The Master of the Mystic Arts took it upon himself to become the new Herald of Galactus and seek out planets to satisfy Galactus’ insatiable hunger. Doctor Strange even joined forces with the Superior Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus. Between the two appearances, Strange totaled 15 review points to capture a Hero of the Week title. Spider-Man and Wolverine earned 16 points, but they spread their score out over three books each. However, Amazing Spider-Man beat out Doctor Strange for the Solo Book of the Week, despite Peter Parker only scoring two of the book’s 39 review points. The numerous villains trapped in Central Park rallied behind the Vulture and continued to carry the bulk of the review points in that title.

The top team book came from Marvel Rising. For the first time in the Marvel Rising books, it featured a majority of the starring characters in the Rising television series. Inferno, Quake, Ms. America, Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl teamed with Spider-Man against Morgan le Fay’s brainwashed minions and earned a 32-point review score. War of the Realms raged on and captures another Event Book of the Week title. This time the Uncanny X-Men weighed in on the event with one of their own having a more personal connection to the Asgardian battle. Dani “Mirage” Moonstar responded to the call of the Valkyries but arrived after their slaughter. The 50-point event book had the highest output from the week with 11 characters splitting up in the middle of a war torn New York city.

For those keeping track of their own review teams, full statistics can be found in the below character reviews. Please use these results to determine your score and support us via the Fantasy Comic League’s Patreon page to become a Sanctioned Review Agent. Make sure to tweet any questions or comments to @FantasyComicLG on Twitter while using the #FantasyComicLeague tag!

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Age of X-Man: The X-Tremists #3 (18)
Blob – Durability, Melee, Strength, LT
Iceman – Ice, Ice Offensive, Morph
Jubilee – Energy
Northstar – Flight, Melee, Speed
Psylocke – Telekinesis, Telepathy
Amazing Spider-Man #20 (39)
Black Cat – Claws, SC
Lizard – Sense
Spider-Man (PP) – Sense
Arcade – Creature
Armadillo – TU (Vulture)
Black Ant
Black Mamba – TU (Vulture)
Frog-Man – TU (Vulture)
Lady Octopus – TU (Vulture)
Puma – Melee, TU (Vulture)
Rhino – TU (Vulture)
Scorpion – Tail, TU (Vulture)
Stegron – TU (Vulture)
Tarantula – TU (Vulture)
Toad – TU (Vulture)
Vulture – TU (Puma), LT
White Rabbit – TU (Vulture)
Avengers #18 (2)
Agent Coulson
Black Panther #11 (8)
Black Panther – Melee, Weapon, CD (Restored his memories)
Manifold – Energy, Teleport, CD (Restored his memories)
Black Widow #4 (11)
Black Widow – Agility, Blade, Melee, Stealth, Weapon, Will Power, TU (Tyger Tiger)
Tyger Tiger – Melee, TU (Black Widow)
Doctor Strange #13 (21)
Clea – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, TU (Doctor Strange)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Teleport, TU (Clea), CD (Agreed to become Galactus’ herald in the mystic realm)
Dormammu – Flames
Galactus – Absorb, Durability, Energy, Flight, Optics
Fantastic Four #9 (24)
Brainstorm – Teleport
Human Torch – Flames, Flight, Vehicle
Invisible Woman – Invisibility, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive
Mr. Fantastic – Durability, Intellect, Stretch, Tech
Thing – Melee, Strength
Doctor Doom – Computer, Creature, Flight
Hulkverines #3 (31)
Black Widow
Captain America
Hulk – Durability, Melee, Morph, Rage, Strength, TU (Weapon H), CD (Injected with Wolverine’s abilities)
Weapon H – Claws, Claws Defensive, Durability, Melee, Morph, Sense, Strength, TU (Wolverine), SC
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability, Melee, Rage, TU (Weapon H), CD (Injected with Hulk’s abilities)
Leader – Teleport, TU (Dr. Alba)
Ironheart #5 (11)
Ironheart – Flight, Invisibility, Repulsors, Suit, Tech, SC
Midnight’s Fire – Agility, Melee, Strength
Marvel Comics Presents #4 (17)
Moon Knight – Melee, Projectile, Sleuth, Weapon
Spider-Man (PP) – Agility, Melee, Sense, Webs, DA (Gibbon)
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Defensive, SC
Gibbon – Melee
Marvel Rising #2 (32)
Inferno – Flames, Flames Offensive, TU (Squirrel Girl), CD (Possessed by Morgan le Fay)
Ms. America – Flight, Melee, Teleport, TU (Squirrel Girl)
Ms. Marvel – Fist, Size, Stretch, TU (Squirrel Girl)
Quake – Melee, Vibration, Vibration Offensive, TU (Squirrel Girl)
Spider-Man (MM)
– Sense, Webs, TU (Squirrel Girl)
Squirrel Girl – Creature, Intellect, Melee, TU (Inferno), LT
Morgan le Fay – Creature
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #42 (16)
Moon Girl – Creature, Tech, Weapon, TU (Spider-Man), SC, CD (Figured out Spider-Man’s secret identity), DA (Pink Goblin)
Spider-Man (PP) – Crawl, Melee, Sense, Strength, Webs, TU (Moon Girl), DA (Pink Goblin)
Mr. and Mrs. X #10 (26)
Gambit – Energy, Projectile, Weapon, TU (Spiral), DA (Mojo)
Rogue – Absorb, Flight, Melee, Strength, TU (Spiral), DA (Mojo)
Spiral – Blade, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Gambit), CD (Regained full control of her soul), DA (Mojo)
Mojo – Claws, Durability, Melee, Tail, Tech
Runaways #20 (6)
Chase Stein
Gert Yorkes
Karolina Dean
Molly Hayes
Nico Minoru
Victor Mancha
Superior Spider-Man #5 (18)
Doctor Strange – Artifact, Flight, Invisibility, Magic, Magic Offensive, Teleport, TU (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man (OO) – Agility, Melee, Suit, Tech, Webs, TU (Doctor Strange)
Pandemonium – Creature, Flame
Thanos #1 (18)
Gamora – Vehicle
Ebony Maw – Weapon
Magus – Deception, Flight
Proxima Midnight – Blade, Weapon
Thanos – Assassin, Blade, Computer, Melee, Weapon, LT
Venom #13 (8)
Venom (EB) – Claws, Melee, Symbiote, Weapon, Webs, SC, CD (Received a new suit)
War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1 (50)
Banshee – Flight, Sonics, TU (Cyclops)
Chamber – Flames, TU (Hope)
Cyclops – Melee, TU (Hope), LT, DA (Nanny)
Havok – Energy, Energy Offensive, TU (Hope), DA (Nanny)
Hope – Absorb, Gun, Weapon, TU (Cyclops), LT
Karma – TU (Hope)
Magik – Blade, Melee, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Hope)
Multiple Man – Creature, Melee, Weapon, TU (Hope), DA (Nanny)
Sunspot – TU (Hope)
Wolfsbane – Claws, Melee, Sense, TU (Hope), DA (Nanny)
Nanny – Melee
Orphan Maker – Melee
Wolverine: The Long Night #4 (4)
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, Heal

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