The Midtown Minute: November 2018

Spidey in Midtown

Welcome back to the Midtown Minute for Nov 2018. I’m @anthonybachman the division lead for the #Midtown Division, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown will continue to be the welcoming home for Marvel’s flagship character as other divisions have decided to apply a spider ban in an effort to make things more even in their divisions. Midtown believes if you’re going to fantasy draft you lose some of the fun if the Tom Brady pick isn’t an option so there will be no spider ban in Midtown. Welcome to our new friendly neighborhood, I hope you enjoy your stay. Joining me in this division is a few #DangerRoom veterans and some new league recruits, say hello to @swampy19@iaytd@blerdwords and @aiyo78.

In November the drafted heroes of #Midtown teamed-up a massive 79 times in 111 appearances to save 12 civilians and defeat 9 adversaries with 128 power uses.

November saw a change in #Midtown as @whitenoizemedia left us and was replaced with new player @aiyo78 to keep us at 5 members. Sadly for him, his first draft didn’t work magic for him and only scored him 48 pts putting him in 5th place for Nov. He had a mutant heavy team but they didn’t outscore some of their Uncanny brethren. @blerdwords came in 4th with 56 pts lead by the powerful duo of Storm and Bishop, these 2 put up some serious scores this month! I, @anthonybachman, doubled down and went full Spidergeddon with my team picks to see Peter and Miles shine while Gwen and Ock left me in 3rd place with a total of 74 pts. @IAYTD mixed it up with mutants and Avengers and had an outstanding performance from Iceman bringing him up to 2nd place with a total of 89 pts for the month. But we all fell short of the high bar set by @swampy19. With his steadfast favorite Deadpool leading a team of Jean Grey and the Avenger dynamic duo of Steve and Tony, his team was able to round out a full 100 pts for Nov putting Swampy in 1st place for Nov. Well done all.

As Spidergeddon winds down and the weekly Uncanny launch throws mutants at all the Marvel problems we will watch in awe and track the points. Let the Xmas ruckus begin! Here are the season standings at the end of Nov:

IAYTD – 6 pts

Bachman – 5 pts

Aiyo – 0 pts

Blerd – 2 pt

Swampy – 4 pt


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