Negative Zone Chronicles: June 2018

Negative Zone splash image

The domain of anti-matter and accelerated time hit its stride in month two of existence. Negative Zone’s assembled teams scored 288 points total in June, trailing Midtown by a mere two points for the league-wide number one position.

Agent Tyler totaled 72 points for the month to take first place. The eight-point victory was the smallest in #NegativeZone short history but it continued the trend of Peter Parker led teams coming in first. Will this lead to the division’s agents voting Parker out like many of the other FCL divisions already have? We’ll find out soon when the Summer Season ends!

The battle for second and third place was highly contested throughout June. Agents Adam and Darrin traded positions weekly; both teams featured equally weighted scoring from their heroes, with all tallying points in the mid-teens or higher. In the end, Agent Adam was able to eke out a 63 point one point margin to take the number two spot.

Agent Robert and Agent Jimmy fell on tough times and landed in the final two positions. But with a new month comes new hope and the high probability your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can help a team out of the division basement.

June points: Tyler: 3, Adam: 2, Darrin: 1, Robert: 1 , Jimmy: 0

Points Tally: Robert: 4, Tyler: 3, Adam: 3, Darrin: 2 , Jimmy: 2

Negative Zone winner
Negative Zone second
Negative Zone third
Negative Zone fourth
Negative Zone fifth

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