Negative Zone Chronicles: May 2018

The Negative Zone kicked off its inaugural season with some tight, action-packed competition. Although Robert took the win with a heavy dose of Peter Parker, the battle for second came down to the very last week.

Negative Zone Agents were given their first assignments, the draft order randomized and Robert, Tyler, Jimmy, Adam, and Darrin took their places respectively in the fight.

Robert initiated the #WarForParker by drafting Peter Park first. Although several other divisions have imposed a #SpiderBan, Negative Zone is currently using the standard rules. Once the current season ends, and everyone has a fair chance to use Parker, we intend to put his future use up to a vote.

Robert’s team #AnnihilAllUs led from the beginning spurred by early points from Peter Parker Spider-Man on Free Comic Book Day. Substantial showing from Rogue and Ms. Marvel helped maintain momentum throughout the month.

The more interesting story in Negative Zone’s initial mission was the battle for second. All four agents jockeyed for position week to week, but Jimmy’s dynamic duo of Captain Marvel and Miles Morales eked out a five-point lead for second over Darrin’s Daredevil/Mutant led team by the end of week five. Agent Adam’s fourth-place team was helmed by the Captain America/Iron Man power duo while Agent Tyler’s was led by the King of Wakanda himself, the Black Panther.

May points: Robert: 3, Jimmy: 2, Darrin: 1, Adam: 1 , Tyler: 0

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