Weekly Marvel Review: January 04, 2023 (Week 01)

Spider-Man’s “Dark Web” and unraveling web kick off the new year. Shathra, the main antagonist of the latest Spider-Verse event in Spider-Man, gets added to the database. Other newcomers include Wrongslide, Spinneret, Iron Fist (Fan Fei), Trevor Fitzroy, and Corruptor.

Book the Week – Avengers #64 (Review score: 82 Points; 16 Characters). The Avengers and Prehistoric Avengers continue their clash with the Multiversal Masters of Evil. Iron Fist (Fan Fei) takes down King Killmonger with help from Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Odin and Thor. Captain America (Steve Rogers) leads Nighthawk in defeating Black Skull. Kid Thanos bonds with the Black Skull’s symbiote.

Hero of the Week – Human Torch (Review score: 12 Points/1 Appearance; 12.0 Pts/App). Fantastic Four #3 focuses on Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Jonathan Fairweather) leading his fellow ShopLand employees in a revolt against Mr. Merrill, their salary-cutting, corrupt boss. His total score ties Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Captain Marvel, but he takes 2023’s first title becaused he managed it in one Appearance.

Antagonist of the Week – Green Goblin (Review score: 9 Points/2 Appearances; 4.5 Pts/App). Norman Osborn continues his heroic arc in Gold Goblin #3, performing admirably with a Save Civilian and influencing the misguided Jack O’Lantern. Despite these good deeds, his past keeps him firmly in the Antagonist category and earns him the first superlative of the year for the bad guys. He also cameos in Spider-Man #4 for a second Appearance.

Top Characters (by review score). Captain Marvel, Human Torch, Iron Man (12); Psylocke, Scarlet Witch (11); Bishop, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Green Goblin, Storm (9); Gambit, Shang-Chi (8)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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Avengers #64 (82)
Agamotto – Flight, Magic, TU (Avengers)
Captain America (SR) – Durability, Shield, Shield Offensive, TU (Prehistoric Avengers), LT, DA (Black Skull)
Captain Marvel – Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, TU (Prehistoric Avengers), DA (King Killmonger)
Iron Fist (FF) – Energy, Melee, Rage, TU (Avengers), DA (King Killmonger)
Iron Man – Computers, Durability, Energy, Flight, Melee, Strength, Suit, TU (Prehistoric Avengers), DA (King Killmonger)
Namor – Melee, TU (Prehistoric Avengers)
Nighthawk – Melee, Tech, TU (Prehistoric Avengers), DA (Black Skull)
Odin – Elements, Flight, Lightning, Projectiles, TU (Avengers), DA (King Killmonger)
Phoenix (ML) – Blades, Flames, Flight, TU (Prehistoric Avengers)
Thor – Elements, Flight, Lightning, Projectile, TU (Prehistoric Avengers), DA (King Killmonger)
Valkyrie (JF) – Blades, Flight, TU (Prehistoric Avengers)
Black Skull – Appendage
Dark Phoenix – Deception, Durability, Ensnare, Flames, Flames Offensive, Morph
Doom Supreme
Kid Thanos – Ensnare, Melee, CD (Bonds with the Black Skull’s symbiote)
King Killmonger – Blades, Energy, Weapon
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 (17)
Agent 13 – TU (Captain America)
Captain America (SR) – TU (Nick Fury, Jr.)
Destroyer – Melee, Strength, TU (Captain America)
Dryad – TU (Captain America)
Emma Frost – Telepathy, TU (Captain America)
Luke Cage – Business
Nick Fury, Jr. – TU (Captain America)
Captain Marvel #45 (38)
Captain Marvel – Energy, Energy Defensive, Energy Offensive, TU (Gambit), LT
Gambit – Blades, Energy, Projectiles, Sense, Will Power, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Brood)
Hazmat – Energy Offensive, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Brood)
Polaris – Magnetics, Magnetics Offensive, TU (Captain Marvel)
Psylocke – Blades, Computers, Melee, Sense, Telepathy, TU (Captain Marvel)
Spider-Woman (JD) – Agility, TU (Captain Marvel)
Wolverine (LK) – Claws, Claws Offensive, Sense, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Brood)
Fantastic Four #3 (15)
Human Torch – Deception, Flames, Flames Defensive, Flames Offensive, Flight, Intellect, Melee, Morph, LT, SC, DA (Mr. Merrill)
Invisible Woman
Mr. Fantastic
Gold Goblin #3 (9)
Green Goblin – Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Influence, Melee, Vehicle, SC
Molten Man
Joe Fixit #1 (15)
Hulk – Durability, Melee, Strength, TU (Spider-Man), DA (Kingpin)
Spider-Man (PP) – Crawl, Sense, Tech, TU (Hulk)
Kingpin – Durability, Melee, Strength
Marauders #10 (31)
Bishop – Absorb, Energy Offensive, Melee
Kate Pryde – Deception, Gun, Intangibility, Intangibility Offensive, Vehicle, DA (Cassandra Nova)
Psylocke – Influence, Telepathy, Whip
Somnus – Deception, Gun, DA (Cassandra Nova)
Cassandra Nova – Sense, Strength, Telepathy Offensive, CD (Gets locked up in Threshold’s zero cells), DA (Sublime)
Stryfe – Telekinesis
Scarlet Witch #1 (16)
Quicksilver – Speed
Scarlet Witch – Flight, Intellect, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Morph, Sense, Teleport, SC, DA (Doctor Hydro)
Viv Vision
Corruptor – Influence
Secret Invasion #3 (6)
Iron Man – CD (Reveals he has been employing Skrulls)
Maria Hill – Gun, Melee, Weapon
Shang-Chi: Master of the Ten Rings #1 (21)
Brother Sabre – Blades, Weapon
Shang-Chi – Artifact, Melee, Precision, Projectiles, Rage, LT, CD (Meets a young version of his father)
Sister Dagger – Projectiles, Weapon
Sister Staff – Energy, Energy Offensive
Zheng Zu – Heal, Magic, Weapon
Spider-Man #4 (31)
Araña – Agility, Crawl, Teleport, TU (Night-Spider)
Madame Web – Sense
Silk – Melee, Strength, TU (Morlun)
Spider-Man (GV)
Spider-Man (MM) – Durability, Energy Offensive
Spider-Man (MoH)
Spider-Man (Noir)
Spider-Man (PP)
Spider-Woman (MP)
Green Goblin
Morlun – TU (Silk)
Shathra – Durability, Melee, DA (Spider-Man)
X-Force #36 (24)
Beast – Tech
Colossus – Deception, Morph
Deadpool – Blades, Melee, DA (XENO operative)
Domino – Creature, Guns, Investigate, DA (XENO operative)
Dr. Cecilia Reyes – Investigate
Sage – Computers, LT
Black Tom Cassidy
Omega Red – Appendage Offensive, Ensnare, DA (XENO operative)
X-Men Legends #5 (13)
Bishop – Absorb, Energy Offensive, LT, DA (Sentinels)
Marvel Girl
Professor X
Trevor Fitzroy
X-Men: Red #10 (57)
Abigail Brand – Teleport, Weapon
Cable – Melee, Telekinesis, TU (Khora of the Burning Heart), LT, CD (Bonds with the Techno-Organic Virus once more)
Fisher King
Khora of the Burning Heart – Influence, TU (Cable)
Lactuca the Knower – Influence, TU (Manifold)
Lodus Logos – Deception, Ensnare, CD (Joins the Brotherhood), DA (Vulcan)
Manifold – Teleport, Teleport Offensive, TU (Cable)
Sobunar of the Depths – Water, CD (Joins the Brotherhood), DA (Vulcan)
Storm – Elements, Flight, Ice, Lightning, Water, LT, DA (Vulcan)
Sunspot – DA (Abigail Brand)
Thunderbird – TU (Cable)
Weaponless Zsen – Sense, TU (Cable)
Wiz-Kid – CD (Takes over the role of S.W.O.R.D. Station Commander)
Wrongslide – Geokinesis, DA (Vulcan)
Mentallo – CD (Leaves S.W.O.R.D.)
Vulcan – Energy Offensive, Flames, Flight, Strength


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