Weekly DC Review: August 26, 2022 (Week 34)

Help Support The Heroes We Love: You can purchase all DC Comics digitally through their digital app, or the Comixology service. This month we’re highlighting Stephanie Phillips’ Harley Quinn, which is going weekly like Mariko Tamaki’s Detective Comics did earlier this year. This runs alongside the third season return of her animated series. 

Weekly Omissions- Batman: Fortress #4, Batman: White Knight Presents – Red Hood #2, DC Mech #2, Tales Of The Human Target #1

Hero Of The Week- Luke Fox, Jason Todd, and Levi Kamel all bested Bruce this week, but it was the newest Olympian God, Hippolyta that takes both Hero Of The Week and Performance Of The Week with 11 Point in a single Appearance.

Antagonist Of The Week – Deathstroke, Lord Death Man, and Mr. Bloom all tied for Antagonist Of The Week, bringing in 9 Points in a single Appearance.

Book Of The Week- Olympus: Rebirth #1 is the Book of the Week, with 51 Points over 24 Characters. Of those 24 Characters, half are new League inductions.

Welcome to the League – Twelve New Antagonists Added: Apollo, Artemis, Chaos, Deimos, Demeter, Dionysus, Gaia, Hecate, Hephaestus, Hermes, Hestia, Phobos

WEEK 33 / WEEK 35



1.) Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 629 Points (109 Appearances)
2.) Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 253 Points (58 Appearances)
3.) Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) – 206 Points (38 Appearances)
4.) Superman (Clark Kent) – 183 Points (37 Appearances)
5.) Superman (Jonathan Kent) – 178 Points (28 Appearances)
6.) Aquaman (Arthur Curry) – 178 Points (34 Appearances)
7.) Robin (Damian Wayne) – 151 Points (31 Appearances)
8.) Oracle (Barbara Gordon) – 149 Points (55 Appearances)
9.) The Flash (Wally West) – 138 Points (29 Appearances)
10.) Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 136 Points (17 Appearances)

Commentary: Jonathan surpasses Arthur to enter the Top 5 again, and Barbara surpasses Wally West for the only shakeups in the Top 10 this month. Selina has perhaps the most impressive presence given how little she has Appeared compared to the others.

1.) Black Adam – 113 Points (28 Appearances)
2.) Deathstroke – 111 Points (19 Appearances)
3.) Black Manta – 81 Points (16 Appearances)
4.) Ghost Maker – 73 Points (15 Appearances)
5.) The Penguin – 60 Points (23 Appearances)
6.) Talia Al Ghul – 54 Points (15 Appearances)
7.) Poison Ivy – 51 Points (13 Appearances)
8.) The Riddler – 48 Points (13 Appearances)
9.) Solomon Grundy – 48 Points (16 Appearances)
10.) KGBeast – 44 Points (11 Appearances)

Commentary: Black Adam has dethroned Deathstroke once again, but the race at the top remains tight. Otherwise, it’s a remarkably similar result to last month, save for The Riddler pushing Peacemaker out of the Top 10. What a boring month.

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Action Comics #1046 (39)
Steel (JI) – Blunt, Flight, Weapon, TU (Superman)
Superboy (CK)– Agility, Flight, TU (Superman)
Supergirl (KK)– Agility, Energy Offensive, TU (Superman)
Superman (CK) – Blade, Crawl, Durability, Flight, Intellect, Melee, Shield, Strength, Suit, Weapon, CD: Won Olgrun’s Fire
Superman (JK) – Agility, Flight, Melee, Strength, TU (Steel), DA (Conduit) 
Superman (KK) – Agilty, Flight, TU (Superman)
Amanda Waller
Mongrul – Blade
Deathstroke Inc. #12 (18)
Green Arrow (OQ) – Durability, Ensnare, Melee, Precision, Projectile, Strength, Weapon, DA (Deathstroke)
Deathstroke (SW) – Agility, Blade, Durability, Gun, Melee, Strength, Weapon, LT
Detective Comics #1063 (16)
Batman (BW) – Ensnare, Influence, Melee, Stealth, Strength, Suit, DA (Thugs)
Jim Gordon – Durability, Investigation, Melee, Stealth, TU (Bullock)
Two Face (HD) – Personality
Harley Quinn #21 (26)
Harley Quinn – Computers, Influence, Intellect, Melee, Teleport
Luke Fox – Agility, Durability, Explosive, Melee, Stealth, Tech, Weapon, LT, CD: New Identity 
Bronze Tiger – Blade, Influence, Melee, LT
Killer Frost – Ice, Ice Offensive
Solomon Grundy
Justice League vs. Legion Of Super-Heroes #5 (33)
Aquaman (AC) – Temporal
Batman (BW) – Computers, Willpower
Black Canary
Brainiac Five – Computers, Intellect, 
Chameleon Boy
Dawnstar – Flight
Gold Lantern (KL)– Flight
Green Arrow (OQ) – Temporal
Hawkgirl (KS) 
Lightning Lad 
Mon-El – Flight
Saturn Girl – Telepathy, LT
Superman (JK) – Flight
Wonder Woman (DP) 
Black Adam – Flight
Vandal Savage – Fourth Wall, Reality, CD: Removed The Age Of Heroes From Existence
Olympus: Rebirth #1 (51)
Colonel Trevor
– Business
Queen Atalanta
Queen Farouk 
Queen Hippolyta – Blade, Blunt, Business, Creature, Durability, Geokinesis, Intellect, Lightning, Weapon, CD: Ascension To Godhood
Queen Nubia – Business
Aphrodite – Creature, Deception, Influence
Apollo (Olympus) – Speed
Chaos – Flames, CD: Freed By Hippolyta 
Hecate – Blade, Deception, Intangibility, Teleport, 
Hera – Sense, LT
Hermes – Flight
Zeus – Durability, Lightning
Robin #17 (27)
Batman (JO)
Connor Hawke – Ensnare, Vehicle
Flatline – Vehicle
Robin (DW) – Durability, Melee, Precision, Strength, Vehicle, DA (Lord Death Man)
Lord Death Man – Claws, Claws Offensive, Deception, Melee, Morph, Projectile, Strength, DA (Batman)
Mother Soul – Deception, Influence, Morph
Task Force Z #11 (47)
Gotham Girl – Flight, Melee, Strength
Man-Bat – Durability, Flight
Red Hood (JT) – Agility, Blunt, Deception, Durability, Energy, Explosive, Melee, Weapon, DA (Man-Bat)
Arkham Knight – Blade, Weapon
Deadshot – Explosive, Gun
Gotham – Durability, Speed
KGBeast – Gun, Melee
Mr. Bloom – Claws, Durability, Melee, Strength, Stretch, Suit, Tech, DA (Zsasz) 
Solomon Grundy – Melee, Strength
Two-Face (HD) – Deception, Gun, Weapon
Victor Zsasz – Melee
The Swamp Thing: Season Two #16 (10)
Swamp Thing (LK) – Durability, Ensnare, Grow, Influence, Melee, Morph, Plants, Sense, DA (Avatar Of Gears)

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