Monthly Marvel Preview: June 2022

If you’re looking for something new, Marvel has you covered in the month of June with nearly a dozen new series, annuals and events kicking off in the new month. The most notable book beginning includes the kick-off of this summer’s big event: A.X.E.: Eve of Judgement. The appearance estimates only take into account the characters seen on the book’s cover, but given how large the Krakoan population is, many mutants may make an additional appearance. In addition to new titles beginning, several titles are scheduled to double ship.

New Series: A.X.E.: Eve of Judgement; Fortnight X Marvel: Zero War featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine and Shuri; Jane Foster picks up the hammer once more in Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor; Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty; Moon Girl’s Team-Up series begins with an adventure alongside Miles Morales. Punisher War Journal: Blitz fills in the cracks of the Punisher’s current series as the Hand’s lead killer. Iron Man stars in two new books: Iron Cat where Felicia Hardy regains an iron suit, and a special Iron Man/Hellcat Annual. New Fantastic Four, Variants starring Jessica Jones, and Thor: Lightning and Lament.

Double Shipping: Amazing Spider-Man, Immortal X-Men, Knights of X, Legion of X, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, Strange, X-Men: Red.

Appearance omissions: The print version of the Hulkling & Wiccan was counted in it’s initial digital release so the two galactic grooms do not receive an appearance for that title. The X-Static team once again does not receive appearance estimates for their support role in the X-Cellent book.  

Appearance estimates, based on comic solicitations and cover artwork provided by the Marvel Database wiki, are meant as a guideline and not an indication of a specific draft order.

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