Weekly DC Review: January 28th, 2022 (Week 4)

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Weekly Omissions- Batman/Catwoman Special #1, DC Vs. Vampires #4, Peacemaker: Disturbing The Peace #1, Static Season One #5, Superman ’78 #6, The Human Target #4

Hero Of The Week- Our first month closes out with Clark Kent’s Super performance, bringing in 17 Points over 4 Appearances. Damian Wayne, Harley Quinn, and Yara Flov all tied for Performance Of The Week, with 11 Points in a singular Appearance.

Antagonist Of The Week – A handful of villains broke double digits this week, with Deathstroke, Mr. Bloom, and Ra’s Al Ghul tying for second with 10 Points in a Single Appearance. However, scoring Two Appearances gave Black Adam the edge, with a total of 11 Points.

Book Of The Week- It’s a Justice League week; Justice League #71 brought in 78 Points over 32 Characters.

Welcome to the League – 2 New Heroes Added: Fire (Beatriz da Costa), Robot Man (Clifford Steele); 2 New Antagonists Added: Prometheus, Respawn



1.) Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 65 Points (14 Appearances)
2.) Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 41 Points (11 Appearances)
3.) Superman (Jonathan Kent) – 30 Points (4 Appearances)
4.) Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) – 28 Points (4 Appearances)
5.) Robin (Damian Wayne) – 26 Points (4 Appearances)
6.) Aquaman (Arthur Curry) – 20 Points (5 Appearances)
7.) Superman (Clark Kent) – 20 Points (6 Appearances)
8.) Donna Troy – 18 Points (5 Appearances)
9.) Oracle (Barbara Gordon) – 18 Points (7 Appearances)
10.) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) – 16 Points (4 Appearances)

Commentary: Man, I wish this level of diversity in the Top 10 would continue on past this first month. Donna Troy is in the Top Ten for the first time, and Jonathan Kent outperformed Diana in the same amount of Appearances. Clark Kent being #7 is the biggest surprise.


1.) King Shark – 15 Points (2 Appearances)
2.) Black Adam – 15 Points (4 Appearances)
3.) Manchester Black/Mr. Bloom/Ra’s Al Ghul – 10 Points (1 Appearance)
6.) Defacer/Scarecrow – 10 Points (2 Appearances)
8.) Deathstroke – 9 Points (1 Appearance)
9.) Bloodsport/Lex Luthor/The Calculator – 8 Points (2 Appearances)

Commentary: A lot of ties in these early days of 2022. Scarecrow’s continued presence after his 2021 ending Event is surprising, while King Shark’s #1 spot is not, since he was the lead of a now concluded series. I’m feeling big things for Lex and Slade in 2022.


Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Action Comics #1039 (23)
Apollo – Senses
Martian Manhunter – Intangibility, Telekinesis, Telepathy, DA (Henchmen)
Midnighter  – Gun, Influence, DA (Warzoons)
Steel (NI) – Influence, Weapon
Superman (CK) – Intellect, Strength, Whip, DA (Gladitoral Beast)
OMAC – Influence, Melee, Strength
Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #4 (18)
Aquaman (AC) – Agility, Gun, Melee, Projectile, Tech, Vehicle, Weapon, DA (Moon Guards)
Green Arrow (OQ) – Durability, Flight, Melee, Strength, Water, Weapon, LT, DA (Moon Guards)
Deathstroke Inc. #5 (24)
Black Canary – Melee, Sonics, Sonics Offensive, DA (Illusions) 
Count Vertigo – CD: Part Of The Secret Society
Doctor Destiny – CD: Part Of The Secret Society
Deathstroke – Assassin, Blade, Gun, Heal, Melee, Weapon, CD: King Of The Super-Villains, DA (Illusions)
Prometheus– CD: Part Of The Secret Society
The Calculator – Intellect, LT, CD: Death
Detective Comics #1050 (56)
Batman (BW)  – Ensnare, Projectile, Tech, Vehicle, LT, DA (The Joker)
Harley Quinn 
Huntress – Durability, Melee, Rage, Sense, Strength, Tech, SC, DA (Clowns)
Oracle (BG) – Tech
Nightwing (DG) – Agility, Deception, Investigation, Melee, Projectile, Tech, DA (Scarecrow Children)
Robin (TD) – Agility, Blunt, Tech, TU (Superman), DA (Metallo)
Superman (CK) – Absorb, Speed, TU (Robin), SC
Metallo – Toxin
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy – Ensnare, Plants, Plants Offensive, Rage
Psycho Pirate – Influence, SC
Scarecrow – Influence, Melee, Toxin, LT, DA (Robin)
The Joker – Weapon
Harley Quinn #11 (11)
Harley Quinn – Agility, Blunt, Crawl, Gun, Influence, Intellect, Melee, Weapon, SC, DA (Robots)
Justice League #71 (78)
Aquaman (AC) – Melee, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Atom Smasher
– Melee, Strength
Batman (BW) – Melee
Black Canary 
Colonel Trevor – Business
Detective Chimp 
Director Bones – Business
Doctor Fate (KH) – Blade, Fourth Wall, Influence, Magic
Doctor Light – Energy Offensive, Flight, 
Fire – Flames
Green Arrow (OQ) – Business, Influence, Projectile
Hawkgirl (KS) – Flight, Melee
Hellblazer (JC) 
Jason Blood (ET) 
Kamandi – Business
Manhunter (KS) – Blunt, Business
Naomi – Energy, Melee, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Queen Hippolyta – Blade, Strength, Weapon, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Robot Man (Clifford Steele)
Steel (JI) – Weapon
Swamp Thing (AH)
Supergirl (KK) – Energy Offensive, Flight
Superman (CK) – Durability, Flight, Melee, Strength, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
The Flash (BA) 
The Question (VS) 
Black Adam – Elements, Flight, Influence, Lightning, Melee, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Clayface (BK) 
Etrigan (JB) – 
Solomon Grundy – Durability, Melee
Robin #10 (22)
Connor Hawke 
Robin (DW) – Intellect, Melee, Willpower
Ra’s Al Ghul – Blade, Creature, Flames, Intellect, Toxin, Weapon, TU (Talia Al Ghul), LT, CD: War Against and Banishment Of His Mother
Respawn – Weapon
Talia Al Ghul – Weapon, TU (Ra’s Al Ghul)
Superman & Robin Special #1 (21)
Robin (DW) – Durability, Flight, Gun, Intellect, Stealth, Strength, Suit, Weapon, TU (Superman), DA (Nazis)
Superman (CK) 
Superman (JK) – Durability, Melee, Speed, Speed Defensive, Strength, Suit, TU (Robin), DA (Nazis)
Task Force Z #4 (42)
Batman (BW) – Melee, Tech, Weapon, LT, SC, DA (Thieves)
Red Hood (JT) – Blunt, Energy, Melee, Thief, Weapon, SC, DA (Thieves) 
Arkham Knight (AA) – Blade, Durability, Melee, Weapon, DA (Guards)
Deadshot (FL)
– Gun, Weapon, DA (Guards)
Man-Bat (KL) – Flight, Senses
Mr. Bloom – Deception, Heal, Intellect, Melee, Stealth, Strength, Toxin, LT, DA (Doctor)
Solomon Grundy
Two-Face (HD) – Tech
Victor Zsasz
Teen Titans Academy #11 (30)
Arsenal (RH) – SC
Beast Boy
Bunker – Energy Defensive, SC
Donna Troy – Flight, LT
Kid Flash (WW) – Speed
Nightwing (DG)
Raven – Teleport
Roundhouse – SC
Shazam – Flight, Influence, Lightning, CD: Sacrifices Himself To The Rock Of Eternity 
The Flash (WW) – Speed, LT
Black Adam – Flight, Melee, Speed
The Flash #778 (52)
Amethyst – Creature, Energy Offensive, Melee
Detective Chimp – Melee
Doctor Fate (KH) – Flight, Magic, Magic Offensive,
Etrigan (JB) – Flames, Flames Offensive, Melee
Hellblazer (JC) – Flames
Impulse (IW) – Energy
Ragman – Flight, Whips
The Flash (WW) – Ensnare, Melee, Speed, Speed Defensive
The Turtle (JW) – Absorb, Durability, Melee, Sense, Speed, Stealth, Strength
Zatanna – Flight, Magic
Eclipso –  Intellect, Melee, Possession
Mammoth – Melee, TU (The Calculator)
Shimmer – Toxin, Weapon, TU (The Calculator)
The Calculator – Computers, TU (Shimmer), LT
Wonder Girl #7 (32)
Donna Troy – Durability, Flight, TU (Amazons)
Wonder Girl (CS) – Flight, Influence, Melee, Strength, TU (Amazons), DA (Olympians) 
Wonder Girl (YF) – Blunt, Creature, Durability, Melee, Strength, Suit, Weapon, Whip, CD: Freed Of Her Bond To Olympus, DA (Eros)
Eros – Blade, Durability, Magic, Suit, Weapon, CD: Responsible For The Murderer Of Yara’s Mother
Queen Hera
Zeus – Elements, Lightning

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