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There is a couple differences that need to be considered when you compare DC to Marvel. The first is the addition of weekly digital comics, which gives the central DC heroes a huge advantage over everyone else. The second is the number of imprints and Elseworlds stories that DC has, featuring characters that do not qualify as the central heroes of their universe.

The Stats here are based off the first 28 Weeks of Scoring for 2021.

If there are heroes you are curious about that cannot be found on this list, please reach out on Twitter. If the data exists, we will provide it.

The Predictions/Titles Made are reflective of 2021 (October)


Adam Strange – 27 Points, 5 Appearances (55th Overall)
Strange Adventures is a stealth point getter for the DC division, with Adam Strange take the central role in a bloody conflict that threatens to repeat itself. It will conclude in September.
Titles: Strange Adventures

Ambush Bug 28 Points, 10 Appearances (52nd Overall)
Perhaps the biggest surprise performance of 2021, Ambush Bug is a delightful fourth wall breaking character who is about to get a turn in the Suicide Squad.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) – 3 Points, 1 Appearance (147th Overall)
Thanks to a beloved pairing with Booster Gold, Ted Kord will return from the nether in which he spent the first half of 2021.
Titles: Blue & Gold

Crush – 42 Points, 11 Appearances (31st Overall)
Crush is one of the best performing Titans and even though she has recently left the title, she is starring in her own title alongside her estranged father, Lobo.
Title: Crush & Lobo, Teen Titans Academy

Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) – 38 Points, 14 Appearances (36th Overall)
The most commonly seen Hawk, she puts up a decent amount of points but she often times appears just to stand around in her own team title.
Titles: Justice League

Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) – 27 Points, 6 Appearances (56th Overall)
J’onn has lacked a title of his own, but still got a decent amount of appearances. Now he is the team leader of the Totality, in Infinite Frontier and beyond.
Titles: Infinite Frontier

Starfire – 28 Points, 8 Appearances (52nd Overall)
Starfire is underperforming, thanks to an over abundance of characters in Teen Titans Academy. She often appears only to berate characters as the principal of the academy.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy


Aquaman (Jackson Hyde)- 26 Points, 4 Appearances (58th Overall)
Jackson performed well in Future State and is about to star in a miniseries that will see him taking up the Aquaman mantle in the present day.
Titles: Aquaman: The Becoming (6 Issue Miniseries) Black Manta

Aquaman (Arthur Curry) – 35 Points, 13 Appearances (41th Overall)
He stands around a lot in Justice League, but he’s been in Action Comics recently, and has a teamup book with Green Arrow coming up.
Titles: Action Comics, Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target, Justice League

Aquawoman (Andy Curry) – 37 Points, 5 Appearances (38th Overall)
Andy Curry was one of the strongest performers of Future State and has had a sporadic Appearance since then. Despite some big plans for Aquaman in the back half of the year, nothing has solidified for Andy.

Mera – 5 Points, 3 Appearances (131 Overall)
Mera is a wildfire bet, but she has the potential to score big if she is given the chance to shine. She’s as likely to appear in Aquaman’s ongoing as he is, and has appeared in most of the big events recently
Titles: Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target


Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) – 65 Points, 16 Appearances (15th Overall)
Cassandra Cain is often seen as one of the Black Sheep of the Bat-Family, but she’s definitely the most privileged amongst them. She’s just take on the Bat-Symbol, and will be operating as a Batgirl and alongside the Outsiders in 2021.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, Fear State, Future State: Gotham, Legends Of The Dark Knight, Nightwing

Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 537 Points, 98 Appearances (1st Overall)
Bruce Wayne is the best character in the Fantasy Comic League.
Titles: Batman, Batman: Urban Legends, Batman/Catwoman, Detective Comics, Fear State, Future State: Gotham, Justice League, Legends Of The Dark Knight

Batman (Jace Fox) – 131 Points, 25 Appearances (6th Overall)
Jace Fox is the second best performer of Future State and has continued to make a mark on the DC Universe after the revert to present day. He’ll be getting a new on-going series, plus a presence in the remaining Future State title.
Title: Future State: Gotham, I Am Batman

Batwing (Luke Fox) – 37 Points, 12 Appearances (39th Overall)
Luke Fox benefitted from a focus on his family and his character debuting as Batwing on CW’s Batwoman. He’s actually performing better than I expected.
Titles: I Am Batman

Batwoman (Kate Kane) – 28 Points, 8 Appearances (53rd Overall)
Kate Kane has had a terrible 2021 in comparison to 2020. Last year she was one of the strongest performers without a book. Now she’s pretty unremarkable.
Title: Legends Of The Dark Knight

Black Lighting (Jefferson Pierce) – 45 Points, 10 Appearances (27th Overall)
Black Lightning’s star has faded in 2021. With the cancelation of his book, his team, and his show, he’s in recovery mode.

Bluebird (Harper Row) – 13 Points, 7 Appearances (88th Overall)
Harper Row is the worst member of the Bat-Family. She’s done almost nothing in her 7 Appearances in 2021.
Titles: The Joker

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 120 Points, 17 Appearances (8th Overall)
Selina Kyle is one of the strongest performing members of the Bat-Family. She can also guest star on her own two feet, thanks to her villainous connections. And Catwoman is the best book in the DC Universe.
Titles: Batman/Catwoman, Catwoman, Legends Of The Dark Knight

Commissioner James Gordon – 43 Points, 16 Appearances (28th Overall)
Jim Gordon is the true star of The Joker title, and he appears frequently in flashbacks to a simpler time in Batman stories.
Titles: The Joker

Commissioner Renee Montoya – 29 Points, 13 Appearances (51st Overall)
She’s been appearing all over the Gotham titles, and you never know when we might see a forgotten story from her Question days.
Titles: Batman, Detective Comics, Fear State

Grifter (Cole Cash) – 66 Points, 9 Appearances (14th Overall)
Grifter has done extremely well for himself as the outcast of the Wildstorm Universe, bringing his squadmates back into the DC Universe proper. A team title has been teased for the Wildcats, but who knows when that will come to be.

Harley Quinn – 104 Points, 23 Appearances (11th Overall)
Harley’s one of the latest members of the Bat-Family, outperforming the kids but not the inner circle. She was the DC Antagonist of 2020, but she hasn’t performed nearly as strong since the jump to Hero.
Titles: Batman, Catwoman (October 2021), Fear State, Harley Quinn

Huntress (Helena Bertnelli) – 57 Points, 12 Appearances (20th Overall)
Helena has basically been the costar of Detective Comics and she will play a role in the Fear State event.
Titles: Detective Comics, Fear State

Katana – 46 Points, 10 Appearances (26th Overall)
She has performed better in 2021 than the year previous, but she’s kind of existing in the ether right now.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 171 Points, 37 Appearances (5th Overall)
Dick Grayson stands as the prodigal son of the Bat-Family. He’s the glue of the DC Universe and the Bat-Family, meaning he appears outside his own series a lot.
Titles: Fear State, Legends Of The Dark Knight, Nightwing, Teen Titans Academy, Titans United

Oracle (Barbara Gordon) – 118 Points, 35 Appearances (9th Overall)
Barbara is scoring a little less than she did last year as Batgirl, which means that taking up the Oracle mantle has limited her to largely serving in a tech support role. Still, she has perhaps the widest spread in the Gotham titles.
Titles: Batman,Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics, Fear State, Future State: Gotham, Harley Quinn, Legend Of The Dark Knight, Nightwing, The Joker

Red Hood (Jason Todd) – 113 Points, 19 Appearances (10th Overall)
Jason Todd is a character you want on your team. He’s the second most used of the Robins and he often racks up some points when he appears. He’s getting two new team books, Task Force Z and Titans United, and is the star of Future State: Gotham.
Titles: Fear State, Future State: Gotham, Task Force Z, Titans United

Robin (Damian Wayne) – 130 Points, 29 Appearances (7th Overall)
Despite sitting out Future State, Damian is 7th overall. His digital title with Jonathan Kent ran during Future State and the launch of his Robin title had a strong buildup in the Bat books.
Titles: Legend of The Dark Knight, Robin

Robin (Tim Drake) – 64 Points, 15 Appearances (16th Overall)
Tim Drake has been making a big comeback lately and hopefully it continues on throughout the rest of 2021.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, Fear State, Future State: Gotham, Legends Of The Dark Knight, Nightwing

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) – 62 Points, 18 Appearances (17th Overall)
She’s almost identical to Cassandra Cain in performance these days, except Cassandra Cain gets a little more attention thrown her way.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, Fear State, Future State: Gotham, Legends Of The Dark Knight, Nightwing

The Signal (Duke Thomas) – 31 Points, 7 Appearances (46th Overall)
Duke is one of the poorer performing Bat-Family members, but he does get a spotlight frequently as Gotham’s daytime protector.
Titles: Legends Of The Dark Knight


Deadman (Boston Brand) – 20 Points, 7 Appearances (70th Overall)
Boston has been a reliable member of the Wonder Woman cast ever since she went to the Afterlife.
Titles: Wonder Woman

Doctor Fate (Khalid Nassour) – 18 Points, 6 Appearances (79th Overall)
The Current Doctor Fate, but he’s not always the guy under the mask.
He remains a part of Justice League Dark in 2021, although the entire team has been reduced to backup status in the main Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League

Hellblazer (John Constantine) – 57 Points, 14 Appearances (21st Overall)
Constantine has done a lot more work in 2021 than he did in 2020. Despite only have a reliant panel or two in Justice League Dark backups, he’s also appeared in a lot of digital first content.
Titles: Justice League, Truth & Justice

Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom) – 60 Points, 10 Appearances (19th Overall)
2021 has been generous to Kirk Langstrom, but after the conclusion of his miniseries, his time in the sun will come to an end as he fights for panel space in Justice League Dark backups.
Titles: Justice League

Swamp Thing (Levi Kamei) – 40 Points, 6 Appearances (33rd Overall)
Things have been growing strong for Levi in the first half of his maxi-series. It remains to be seen if he’ll be around come the conclusion.
Titles: Suicide Squad, The Swamp Thing

Zatanna Zatara – 35 Points, 13 Appearances (42nd Overall)
Zatanna feels weaker than she should be with her performances. I think she suffers from being part of a team rather than getting solo focus. She remains a part of Justice League Dark in 2021, although the entire team has been reduced to backup status in the main Justice League title.
Titles: Justice League


Kid Flash (Wallace West) – 24 Points, 8 Appearances (61st Overall)
Wallace has not faired nearly as well as his Flash namesake. He had put up more than double his current score in less weeks in 2020.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

The Flash (Avery Ho) – 10 Points, 2 Appearances (96th Overall)
My Speedster daughter, I love to see her go. She has a presence in Future Slate, and has appeared frequently in the central book. She’s also been part of her own team book before and I hope they don’t hinder her potential in 2021.

The Flash (Barry Allen) – 86 Points, 20 Appearances (14th Overall)
Barry fell out of the top 10 in 2021, when he used to be in the top 5. And with Wally West taking over the Flash title, he’s not likely to gain much traction in the back half of the year.
Title: Infinite Frontier, Justice League, The Flash

The Flash (Jay Garrick) – 15 Points, 5 Appearances (86th Overall)
Jay Garrick’s performance in 2020 consistently surprised me. He appeared all over the place and didn’t just stand around when he did.However, his 2021 has not been anywhere near as special.
Titles: The Flash

The Flash (Wally West)- 52 Points, 9 Appearances (24th Overall)
Wally West is having a much stronger 2021 than he did in 2020. Taking over as the star of The Flash title will only help him to speed ahead in the pack.
Title: The Flash


Alan Scott – 23 Points, 7 Appearances (64th Overall)
Alan Scott has returned to the DC Universe in a big way, working alongside his children in Infinite Frontier.
Titles: Infinite Frontier

Guy Gardner – 18 Points, 4 Appearance (78th Overall)
One of the weaker Green Lanterns, he’s not the bottom of the barrel though. Guy is attached to Future Slate.
Title: Green Lantern

Hal Jordan – 41 Points, 8 Appearances (32nd Overall)
The Original Lantern, DC will never shy away from giving him the lime light.
Titles: Green Lantern

Jessica Cruz – 16 Points, 4 Appearance (81st Overall)
One of the stronger lanterns, she’s currently heading towards a conversion to Sinestro’s Yellow Lantern Corps.
Titles: Green Lantern

John Stewart – 61 Points, 12 Appearances (18th Overall)
Despite stepping down from the Justice League in 2021, John remains the strongest Lantern by a fair margin.
Title: Green Lantern

Keli Quintela – 20 Points, 5 Appearances (71st Overall)
A Green Lantern by the thinnest of margins, she is a teenager who created a weapon out of Green Lantern tech, rather than being receiving a ring. She is the most consistent with her 2020 performance amongst the Lanterns.
Title: Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner – 9 Points, 3 Appearance (101st Overall)
Kyle has overtaken Simon Baz as the least used human Lantern in 2021. Rough year for him.
Titles: Green Lantern

Simon Baz – 16 Points, 6 Appearances (83rd Overall)
Simon recently lost a limb and has become a more gun focused hero rather than being an energy/artifact based character.
Titles: Green Lantern

Sojourner Mullein – 56 Points, 9 Appearances (22nd Overall)
2021 has been a big year for Jo Mullein. Far Sector put up big points per performance for her and she’s become one of the central Lanterns of the new Green Lantern title.
Title: Green Lantern


Black Canary (Dinah Lance) – 39 Points, 13 Appearances (34th Overall)
Black Canary has been one of the heavier point scorers in Justice League and she’s well connected enough to show up in places without an on-going. Case in point, Deathstroke Inc., will be a second team book for her.
Titles: Deathstroke Inc., Justice League,

Booster Gold (Michael Carter) – 21 Points, 4 Appearances (67th Overall)
Booster has performed fairly well without a title, putting up a lot of Points in very few Appearances. Now he has one, he could be great stealth pick.
Title: Blue & Gold

Colonel Trevor (Steve Trevor) – 2 Points, 2 Appearances (151st Overall)
Steve Trevor is a very new addition to the League but he’s currently appearing in Checkmate, and antagonistically in Action Comics. I’m sure he’ll be a part of Diana’s 80th Anniversary lineup.
Titles: Action Comics, Checkmate, Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary

Director Bones – 10 Points, 7 Appearances(100th Overall)
The director of DEO, and a member of Checkmate. He’ll be appearing in three titles during the Fall season, as the Bendis titles crossover. He’s not likely to do a whole hell of a lot though.
Titles: Checkmate, Justice League, Infinite Frontier

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) – 79 Points, 20 Appearances (13th Overall)
Ollie Queen is doing remarkably well for a man without an on-going. Surprisingly, most of his points have been coming from outside Justice League. His 80th Anniversary Special paid off big and he’s celebrating with fellow Anniversare Aquaman with an 7 issue Miniseries.
Titles: Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target, Checkmate, Justice League,

Manhunter (Kate Spencer) – 1 Point, 1 Appearance (163rd Overall)
She’s going to be in two Bendis books during the fall season, so she might put up decent points or do nothing at all.
Titles: Checkmate, Justice League

Midnighter – 51 Points, 8 Appearances (26th Overall)
Midnighter is a killer candidate and will continue to appear in Action Comics for the Warworld Saga event.
Titles: Action Comics

Mr Terrific (Michael Holt) – 32 Points, 11 Appearances (43rd Overall)
The loss of his title has hurt Mr. Terrific, but not by a lot. The loss of Strange Adventures in September may stunt his future performance.

Naomi McDuffie – 22 Points, 7 Appearances (66th Overall)
Bendis has been treating Naomi fairly good compared to some members of the Justice League.
Titles: Justice League

Obsidian (Todd Rice) – 21 Points, 6 Appearances (70th Overall)
After a surprise Appearance in Future State, Todd has been teaming up with his biological father, Alan Scott, the Green Lantern.
Titles: Infinite Frontier


President Superman (Calvin Ellis) 27 Points, 6 Appearances (56th Overall)
The most prominent of the other universe Supermen, he’s a mainstay in the Infinite Frontier title. Not the worst choice to have.
Titles: Infinite Frontier

Steel (John Irons) – 24 Points, 6 Appearances (62nd Overall)
He’s been fairly reliable for having no title of his own for most of 2021.

Superboy (Connor Kent) – 29 Points, 9 Appearances (49th Overall)
Connor Kent is performing decently well and not much than he was in 2020. A shoe may be waiting to drop in Suicide Squad though, but for now, he’s a decent choice with 2 on-goings and an on-going crossover.
Titles: Suicide Squad, The Swamp Thing, Titans United

Superboy (Jonathan Kent) – 189 Points, 30 Appearances (4th Overall)
Jonathan Kent was the character to have in this first half of the year. He had strong performances digitally, in Future State, and even upon return to status quo. He now has his own title, but little else.
Titles: Superman: Son of Kal-El

Supergirl (Kara Kent) – 55 Points, 10 Appearances (23rd Overall)
Kara has been doing much better in 2021 than she was in the prior year. She pops in and out of the Super books, as well as occasional guest Appearances elsewhere in the DC Universe. She’ll have her Tom King penned on-going during the fall season.
Titles: Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Superman (Clark Kent) – 311 Points, 53 Appearances (2nd Overall)
Despite dethroning Diana from her second place victory in 2020, he’s actually performing worse this year as well. DC doubles down on Batman, at the expense of everyone, even Clark and Diana.
Titles: Action Comics, Justice League, Superman vs. Lobo


Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) – 31 Points, 12 Appearances (47th Overall)
Beast Boy is having a better year than 2020, but remains the weakest performer amongst the core Titans.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Black Lantern (Roy Harper) – 38 Points, 7 Appearances (35th Overall)
Roy has had a really strong 2021 and stands to have a much stronger back half given his new status as Black Lantern.
Titles: Infinite Frontier

Bunker (Miguel Barragan) – 30 Points, 7 Appearances (48th Overall)
Bunker has had a great 2021, with a strong performance in Future State, and some serious love through to him during Pride month. He’s one of the focal students at Titans Academy.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Cyborg (Victor Stone) – 38 Points, 15 Appearances (37th Overall)
Vic has fallen hard from his 2020 scores in 2021. He’s barely acknowledged outside of brief cameos in his team book.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Raven (Rachel Roth) – 43 Points, 10 Appearances (28th Overall)
Just like Beast Boy, she should be a powerhouse when it comes to power usages. She simply isn’t getting that focus though. She will instruct at Teen Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy

Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) – 43 Points, 14 Appearances (29th Overall)
Emiko Queen survived the cancelation of Green Arrow titles and shows us the strength that a Green Arrow family member could be putting up with regular appearances and focus. She will be a student at Teen Titans Academy in 2021.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy


Artemis – 28 Points (8 Appearances) (51st Overall)
Artemis has had a strong digital presence in 2021, currently appearing in the digital Yara Flor title. She’s also appeared in one-offs for the Amazonian world and I’m sure she’ll be caught up in Diana’s 80th Anniversary.
Titles: Wonder Girl

Donna Troy- 13 Points, 8 Appearances (91st Overall)
2021 has seen Donna cameoing in Teen Titans Academy as a principal who barely says anything. Rough year.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, Wonder Woman’s 80th Aniversary

Hippolyta – 36 Points, 15 Appearances (40th Overall)
She’s performing worse as Wonder Woman than she was as the Queen of the Amazons. Bendis really just lets his characters stand around and talk.
Titles: Justice League, Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary

Queen Nubia – 24 Points, 6 Appearances (62nd Overall)
The Wonder Woman of Future State, the Queen of Amazons in present day. Nubia’s having an interesting 2021 for sure.
Titles: Nubia & The Amazons, Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) – 4 Points, 1 Appearance (137th Overall)
2021 has seen Cassie appear only once, but it looks like she might be about to join Wonder Girl, as supportive mentorship for Yara Flor.
Titles: Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary

Wonder Woman (Diana Price) – 189 Points, 32 Appearances (3rd Overall)
2021 has been brutal for Wonder Woman. Her Appearances have been halved, her Points even more so. Despite this, she remains part of DC’s Trinity, and her 80th Anniversary might put her at Clark’s heels.
Titles: Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Special, Wonder Woman: Black & Gold, Wonder Woman: Historia, Wonder Woman: The Adventures Of Young Diana,

Wonder Woman (Yara Flor) – 51 Points, 10 Appearances (25th Overall)
Of all the Future Slate characters, Yara is the one to lock down. DC & CW are moving forward with a show based on the character before her first appearance even hits the panels. she is not going anywhere.
Titles: Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary

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