Weekly DC Review: December 11th, 2020 (Week 50)

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Hero Of The Week-  It was a 3 Way-21 Point tie at the top this month, but while Bruce and Diana needed Four Appearances to get there, Clark did it in Three.

Antagonist Of The Week – As the central Antagonist of the Endless Winter event, the Frost King put up 13 points over two Appearances. However, Reverse Flash was able to ride the coattails of DC’s Dark Nights Death Metal to score 14 Points in a single Appearance.

Book Of The Week- It was really the two events going head to head against each other this week, but The Flash’s Endless Winter tie-in was only able to put up 49 Points. Dark Nights Death Metal: The Last Stories Of The DC Universe put up 121 Points over 49 Characters.

Statistical Notes-  3 New Heroes, 6 New Antagonists Added. This week was bigger than the entire month of November for character additions.

Superman hits 300 Points exactly this week, and the kicker is it took him 52 Appearances to do so. He’s the last of the DC Trinity to do it, but it’s no small feat. Batman remains the Hero Of 2020 with 439 Points, over 77 Appearances.

Harley Quinn remains the Antagonist of 2020 with 145 Points over 35 Appearances.

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.


Batman: Black And White #1 (34)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Blunt, Ensnare, Gun, Melee, Stealth, Suit, Tech, Vehicle, Weapon, Whip, DA (Demon’s Fist)
Catwoman (SK) 
Swamp Thing (AH)
Clayface – Ensnare
Killer Croc – Melee
Mr Freeze – Ice
Poison Ivy – Charm
Ra’s Al Ghul
Scarecrow – Toxin
Talia Al Ghul – Gun, DA (Man-Bats)
The Joker 
The Penguin – Creature
The Riddler – Tech
Two Face
DC Dark Nights Death Metal: The Last Stories Of The DC Universe #1 (121)
Aqualad -TU (Titans)
Aquaman (AC) – Flight, Telepathy
Batgirl (BG) – CD: Married Dick
Batman (BW)
Beast Boy – Morph, TU (Titans)
Black Canary – Sonics, CD: Meets Her Daughter
Blue Beetle (JR) – Flight, TU (Titans)
Bumblebee – Flight, Size, TU (Titans)
Bunker – Energy, TU (Titans)
Crush – TU (Titans)
Cyborg – Flight, TU (Titans)
D’Jinn II – Energy, TU (Titans)
Donna Troy -TU (Titans), LT, CD: Forgives Wally For The Death of Roy
Dove (DG) – TU (Titans)
Green Arrow – Arrow, CD: Meets His Daughter
Green Lantern (HJ) – Energy, Flight
Green Lantern (KR) – Flight, TU (Titans)
Hawk (HH) – TU (Titans)
Impulse (BA) – TU (Titans)
Lilith -TU (Titans)
Ms Martian – Flight, TU (Titans)
Nightwing (DG) – TU (Titans), CD: Married Barbara
Raven -TU (Titans)
Red Arrow (EQ) – TU (Titans)
Red Arrow (RH) – Artifact, TU (Titans), CD: Back From The Dead
Red Hood (JT)
Robin (DW)
Robin (TD) – Tech, TU (Titans)
Roundhouse – TU (Titans)
Spoiler (SB) – Tech, TU (Titans)
Starfire – Flight, TU (Titans)
Steel (NI)– Flight, TU (Titans)
Superboy (CK) – Flight, TU (Titans)
Superboy (JK) – Flight
Superman (CK) – Flight, Intellect, Optics, Speed, Strength, Tech, SC
Tempest -TU (Titans)
The Flash (WW) – Speed, TU (Titans)
Wonder Girl (CS) – TU (Titans)
Wonder Twin (Jan) -TU (Titans)
Wonder Twin (Zan) -TU (Titans)
Wonder Woman (DP)
Jericho -TU (Titans)
Mammoth -TU (Titans)
Ravager (RW) – TU (Titans)
Sinestro – Artifact, Energy, CD: Returns To Being A Green Lantern
Terra – Nature, TU (Titans)
The Riddler
DC’s Very Merry Multiverse #1 (26)
Batgirl (BG)
Batman Beyond (TG) – Suit, Vehicle
Booster Gold – Agility, Deception, Melee
President Superman (CH) – Flight, Melee
Bizzaro – Flight, Melee
Harley Quinn – Ensnare, Intellect
Lobo – Blade, Gun, Melee, Strength, Vehicle, Weapon, Whip, DA (Khund Delegation)
Detective Comics #1031 (21)
Batgirl (BG)
Batman (BW) – Computers, Melee, Suit, Tech, TU (Damian)
Batwoman (KK)
Damian Wayne (DW) – Melee, Stealth, Tech, Weapon, TU (Batman)
Nightwing (DG)
Orphan (CC)
Red Hood (JT)
The Signal (DT)
Hush – Business, Toxin
Superman: Endless Winter Special #1 (21)
Superman (CK) – Creature, Durability, Flight, Melee, Optics, Speed, Strength, SC
Frost King (EO) – Creature, Elements, Ice, Ice Defensive, Ice Offensive, Rage, SC, CD: Death Of Son, DA (Villagers)
Sebastian Stagg – Tech
Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint #1 (14)
Reverse-Flash (ET) – Agility, Assassin, Durability, Energy, Intangibility, Melee, Sense, Speed, Speed Offensive, LT, SC, CD: Pulled Into Flashpoint In Place Of Barry, DA (Cyborg)
The Flash #767 (49)
Batman (BW) – Sonics
Black Lightning – Energy Offensive, TU (Superman)
Hippolyta – TU (Black Adam), LT
Green Lantern (JS) – Energy, Flight
Superman (CK) – Flight, Optics, TU (Black Lightning)
Superman (KK) – Flight, Melee, TU (Flash)
Swamp Thing (AH) – Grow, TU (Black Adam)
The Flash (BA) – Absorb, Melee, Speed, Speed Defensive, Speed Offensive, TU (Black Adam), SC
Viking Prince – TU (Swamp Thing)
Wonder Woman (DP) – SC
Black Adam – Business, Flight, Lightning, Wind Offensive, TU (Swamp Thing)
Catman – Tech, TU (Black Adam)
Frost King – Creature, Ice
Multiplex (DB) – TU (Black Adam)
Wonder Woman #767 (12)
Wonder Woman (DP) – Blade, Intellect, Melee, Sense, Strength, LT
Deathstroke – Blade, Melee, Stealth
Maxwell Lord
Wonder Woman: Agent Of Peace #20 (19)
Wonder Woman (DP) – Artifact, Durability, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Suit, Tech, Vehicle, Willpower, DA (Io)
Black Manta – Artifact, Blade, Optics, Projectile, Suit, Toxin, LT

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