Weekly DC Review: October 16th, 2020 (Week 42)

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Hero Of The Week-  Wonder Woman returns to Hero of the Week, with a powerhouse perfomance of 31 points over 3 appearances. Superman and Batman would make up the rest of the top tier, with 23 points over 3 appearances, and 20 points over 4 appearances respectively.

Antagonist Of The Week – The stank of Gotham has washed off the DC Universe this week, with both Batman and Harley sitting out the weekly awards this week. Our new Antagonist of the Week is Darkseid with 15 points accrued over 2 appearances. Remnants of the Gotham stank remain in the top 3 though, in the form of Clayface with 11 points over a single appearance. Superboy Prime closes out the top with 10 points in a single appearance.

Book Of The Week- Although Dark Nights Death Metal came to play this week, they clearly forgot what month it is. DC’s The Doomed And The Damned one-shot took Book of the Week, with 141 points spread out over 19 characters.

Statistical Notes-  3 New Heroes, 2 New Antagonists Added.

Barry, Bruce, Clark, and Diana all had solo titles this week, and each of them scored 11 points in their respective series.

Wonder Woman passed the 200 point threshold, while The Flash crossed the 100 point threshold.

Bruce remains the Top Hero with 266 points over 46 appearances. Harley remains the Top Antagonist with 120 points over 26 appearances.

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Batman & The Outsiders #17 (13)
Batman (BW) – Rage
Black Lightning –
Katana –
Orphan (CC) –
CD: Closure with Bruce
The Signal
Lady Shiva – Charm, Toxin, CD: Offer Tutelage to The Signal
Dark Nights Death Metal #4 (86)
Batman (BW) – Artifact
Blue Beetle (TK) – Gun, TU (Cyborg)
Captain Atom – Energy, TU (Cyborg)
Cyborg – Morph, TU (Green Lantern)
Doctor Fate (KN)
Green Lantern (KR) – Energy Off, Flight, TU (Cyborg)
Jarro – Sense, Telepathy, TU (The Flash)
Jonah Hex – Durability, TU (Harley Quinn), CD: Death
Powergirl (KS)
Martian Manhunter – Morph
Shazam – Flight, Melee, TU (Cyborg)
Starfire – Energy Offensive, Flight, TU (Green Lantern)
Superman (CK) – Durability, Senses
Swamp Thing (AH) – Plants Offensive, TU (Harley Quinn)
The Flash (BA) – Speed, TU (The Flash)
The Flash (JG) – Speed, TU (The Flash)
The Flash (WW) – Speed, Vehicle, TU (The Flash)
The Signal – Blunt, TU (The Flash)
Wonder Woman – Flight, Melee, Strength, TU (Superboy Prime), LT, CD: Convinces Superboy Prime to help Save Reality
Darkseid – Possession
Harley Quinn – Rage, TU (The Flash)
Robin King – Artifact, Blade, Weapon, DA (Jonah Hex)
Superboy Prime – Artifact, Computers, Flight, Melee, Strength, Tech, Teleport, TU (Batman Who Laughs), CD: Betrays The Batman Who Laughs
The Batman Who Laughs – Grow, Reality, TU (Superboy Prime), CD: Absorbs The Crisis Energy To Become A God
DC: The Doomed And The Damned #1 (141)
Aquaman – Agility, Flight, Melee, Speed, Suit, Teleport, TU (Frankenstein) LT, DA (Cadmus Divers)
Batman (BW) – Stealth, Tech, Weapon, SC, DA (Mr Slow-Death)
Beast Boy (GL) – Claws, Flight, Melee, Morph, TU (Klarion)
Etrigan (JB) – Durability, Flames, Magic, Melee, Morph, TU (Green Lantern), LT, DA (Amphazeep)
Frankenstein – Blade, Intellect, Melee, Strength, Teleport, TU (Aquaman), LT, DA (Cadmus Pirates)
Green Lantern (HJ) – Artifact, Creature, Durability, Energy, Energy Defensive, Energy Offensive, Flight, Magic, Weapon, TU (Etrigan), DA (Amphazeep)
Madame Xanadu – Senses, Sleuth, Teleport, TU (Man Bat), LT
Orphan (CC) – Agility, Melee, Projectile, Stealth, TU (Orca), SC, DA (Human Traffickers)
Raven – Magic, Magic Offensive, TU( Wonder Woman)
Superman (CK) – Flight, Heal, Ice, Melee, Senses, Sleuth, Strength, Tech, TU (Swamp Thing), LT, SC
Swamp Thing (AH) – Grow, Plant, Plant Offensive, Rage, Senses, Willpower, TU (Superman), DA (Clayface)
Wonder Woman – Absorb, Artifact, Ensnare, Melee, Suit, Whip, Willpower, TU (Raven), LT, SC, DA (Bertok-Raaf)
Clayface – Blunt, Creative KO, Creature, Deception, Ensnare, Grow, Melee, Morph, Possession, Strength
Klarion (WB) – Creature, Magic, Melee, Sense, TU (Beast Boy)
Man-Bat (KL) – Durability, Flight, Sonics, Wings Offensive, TU (Xanadu)
Ra’s Al Ghul – Blade, Magic, Magic Offensive, DA (Solomon Grundy)
Solomon Grundy – Durability, Heal, Melee, Strength, CD: Christened Solomon Grundy
Talia Al Ghul – Agility, Weapon
Detective Comics #1028 (11)
Batman (BW) – Creature, Ensnare, Espionage, Projectile, Sleuth, Stealth, Suit, Tech, Weapon, DA (Steve Holman)
Green Lantern Season Two #8 (7)
Green Lantern (HJ) – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, LT, 
Sinestro – Energy
Hawkman #28 (16)
Hawkman (CH) – Artifact, Flight, Melee, Suit, Weapon, Wings Offensive
Hawkwoman (ST) – Blunt, Flight, Melee, Weapon, Wings, Wings Off, LT, DA (Hath Set Possessed Dead)
Justice League Odyssey #25 (72)
Azrael – Blade, Weapon, TU (Green Lantern), LT, DA (Darkseid)
Cyborg – Absorb, Energy, Flight, Gun, Intellect, Melee, Morph, Shield, Strength, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Green Lantern), LT, CD: Died To Save Others, DA (Cyborg)
Green Lantern (JC) – Energy, Energy Defensive, Energy Offensive, Flight, Willpower, TU (Blackfire), LT, CD: Died To Save Others, DA (Darkseid)
Starfire – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, TU (Blackfire), LT, DA (Darkseid)
Blackfire – Energy, Energy Offensive, TU (Starfire), CD: Restores Tamaran, DA (Darkseid)
Darkseid – Artifact, Creature, Durability, Energy Offensive, Melee, Optics, Posession, Strength, Teleport, TU (Cyborg), LT, CD: Restores Apokolips
Red Lantern (D-S) – Energy,  Flight, Tech, TU (Darkseid), CD: Betrays Darkseid, DA (Darkseid)
Orion – Durability, Gun, Suit, Weapon, TU (Green Lantern), CD: Starts A Resistance Against Darkseid
Strange Adventures #6 (20)
Adam Strange – Gun, Tech, Teleport, Vehicle, Weapon, DA (Pykkts)
Alanna Strange – Business, Charm, Gun, Melee, Projectile, Shield, Tech, Vehicle, Weapon, DA (Pykkts)
Mr Terrific – Sleuth
Superman #26 (11)
Superman (CK) – Computer, Durability, Flight, Melee, Sense, Speed, Tech, Telepathy, Teleport, SC
The Flash #763 (16)
The Flash (BA) – Durability, Intellect, Melee, Speed, Speed Defensive, Speed Offensive, Tech, Wind, CD: Turns The Anniversary Of His Mother’s Death Into A Day Of Hope, DA (Trickster)
The Trickster – Deception, Tech, Thief, Weapon
Wonder Woman #763 (11)
Wonder Woman – Creature, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Strength, Whip, TU (Maxwell Lord), LT, SC, DA (Shadow Brain Master)
Maxwell Lord – Charm, Gun, Telepathy, Weapon, TU (Wonder Woman) DA (Shadow Brain Master)

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