Monthly Marvel Preview: July 2020

Comics and the Fantasy Comic League continue to return to life in the five-week month of July. Marvel increases their average weekly release from four books a week to nine in July on the back of the Empyre event. 

Events: The Avengers and the Fantastic Four look to dominate the month thanks to Empyre. The FF not only get a #0 tie-in issue to the cosmic event, but they also return to their altercation-turned-team-up with the core characters of the X-Men against Doctor Doom in the “4X” event. The X-Men also receive their own “Empyre” tie-in series. Iron Man’s “2020” event continues and Wolverine joins the action with his own tie-in. 

Team-Ups and Guest appearances: Black Panther battles Conan for the Serpent Crown in the Cimmerian’s latest issue. Wolverine crashes a ladies poker night in Captain Marvel featuring Carol’s regular support crew: Spectrum, Spider-Woman, Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel. Logan also returns to his former Fantastic Four days to join Spider-Man and Brainstorm and Powerhouse in the latest Fantastic Four issue. 

Also-Ran’s: Moon Knight continues his run on the Avengers after gathering the powers of Thor, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange in the previous issue. The bonus Free Comic Book Day issues hit in July and feature the X-Men (Magik, Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler and Storm) and Spider-Man. Magneto is the latest X-Man to get a Giant-Size one-off book. 

Gambles: Thor suffered a beat down at the hands of Moon Knight in the recent Avengers issue, so his role in the upcoming book is a gamble, as is his role in the main Empyre event. Nevertheless, he is good for an estimated three appearances. X-Force returns, but how big of a role the main team has in the latest issue may be light, as it looks like Black Tom Cassidy takes center stage. The latest X-Factor series begins with a few wildcard characters such as Northstar, Polaris, Prodigy, Eye-boy, Daken and Prestige

Please see the attached Power Summary file for further power clarifications and follow along with our #FantasyComicLeague tweets on Twitter for official power scoring and discussions. Appearance estimates, based on comic solicitations and cover artwork provided by the Marvel Database wiki, are meant as a guideline and not an indication of a specific draft order.



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