April 2020 Rough Draft (Q1, Final Month)

Advisory: Due to the uncertainty surrounding comic releases in the month of April, the preview estimate numbers are a bit more ambiguous. Solicitations for the month of April (except for April 1) can be found here

Things of Note

Potentially Good Sleeper Picks For: Hulkling, Okoye, Polaris

Big Drops In Estimated Appearances: Doctor Strange (6 to 3 Apps), Black Cat (3 to 1 Apps)

Events: Empyre will be a big bet for the Avengers and the Fantastic FourOutlawed focuses on youth heroes, specifically Ms. Marvel, Nova (Sam Alexander) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Team-Ups and Guest Appearances: Deadpool visits the X-Men in his solo title; Black Panther battles Conan for the Serpent Crown; The Avengers and Moon Knight enter the Age of Konshu; Wolverine, Spider-Woman and Spectrum partake in Captain Marvel’s poker night; Captain America confronts Hawkeye over the Ronan scandal.

Categories: Divisions, Previews

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