Weekly Marvel Review: December 05, 2018 (Week 49)

Slashing through the snow, Deadpool’s come to save the day… and Christmas! Wade Wilson agrees to his least-jolly assignment ever when a bunch of scorned children take out a hit on Santa Claus. The merry merc restores Santa’s good name when he takes out the real grinch responsible for the toy shortage. His good behavior, and four appearances, place him on the top of the Fantasy Comic League power rankings with 17 points. The immortal Hulk, a character with the potential to have a big month, starts December off with a strong 15-point second place. The X-Men make up more than half of the Top 10 performances once again, with Jean Grey and Storm leading them in the books and the rankings. The long-time lady leaders tie with 10 points in third place.

Veteran X-Men are not the only mutants having all the fun in the weekly Uncanny X-Men, as shown by Armor’s strong debut in the Fantasy Comic League. The rebellious student leads her classmates in defying the elder X-Men’s leadership, and earns extra appearances in the Merry X-Men Holiday Special and X-Men: The Exterminated. Her nine points tie her with infamously rebellious mutant, Namor for fifth place. Doctor Strange slides into the top performances thanks to a strong showing in his solo title. Jubilee, the star of the X-Men Holiday Special, and Iceman join the Doctor in seventh place with eight points. Pixie represents the loyal side of the X-Students. Her six points, and her courage in standing up to her friend and classmate, gives her a one-point edge over a quartet of characters vying to break into the top performances for the week.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Asteroid M, Do You Even Comic Book, Genosha, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse, Negative Zone, Red Room and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @FantasyComicLG for discussion!

Deadpool (17)
Deadpool – Assassin, Durability, Heal, Weapon, Save Civilian, Character Development (Saves Christmas), Defeat Antagonist (Tinsel)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
– Durability, Fourth Wall, Weapon
X-Men: The Exterminated – Durability, Heal, Weapon
Hulk (15)
Immortal Hulk – Durability, Heal, Melee, Rage, Strength
Immortal Hulk: The Best Defense – Melee, Rage, Save Civilian
Marvel Knights 20th – Melee, Rage, Team-Up (Punisher), Lead Team
Jean Grey (10)
Uncanny X-Men – Flight, Telepathy, Team-Up (Bishop), Lead Team
X-Men: The Exterminated – Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Telepathy, Team-Up (Hope)
Storm (10)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Flight, Lightning, Weather
Uncanny X-Men – Flight, Lightning, Weather, Team-Up (Psylocke), Lead Team
Armor (9)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Uncanny X-Men – Durability, Team-Up (Jean Grey), Lead Team, Character Development (Rebels against the X-Men leadership)
X-Men: The Exterminated – Energy, Team-Up (Hope)
Namor (9)
Namor: The Best Defense – Flight, Melee, Speed, Strength, Telepathy, Lead Team, Character Development (Bonds with the Silver Surfer’s board), Defeat Antagonist (King Okun)
Doctor Strange (8)
Doctor Strange
– Flight, Intangibility, Magic, Teleport, Save Civilian, Defeat Antagonist (Windermere Falston)
Iceman (8)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Ice, Lead Team
Uncanny X-Men – Ice, Ice Defensive, Team-Up (Jean Grey), Save Civilian
Jubilee (8)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Energy, Energy Offensive, Melee, Defeat Antagonist (Arcade)
Uncanny X-Men – Energy, Team-Up (Storm)
Pixie (6)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Flight
Uncanny X-Men – Team-Up (Jean Grey), Lead Team, Character Development (Remains loyal to X-Men leadership)
Cannonball (5)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Flight
Uncanny X-Men – Flight, Team-Up (Storm)
Hawkeye (KB) (5)
West Coast Avengers – Arrow, Trick Arrow, Lead Team, Save Civilian
Nightcrawler (5)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Teleport
Uncanny X-Men – Teleport, Team-Up (Psylocke)
Psylocke (5)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Character Development (Reunites with her family in her original body)
Uncanny X-Men – Telepathy, Team-Up (Storm)
Bishop (4)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Uncanny X-Men – Team-Up (Jean Grey)
X-Men: The Exterminated
Gwenpool (4)
West Coast Avengers – Fourth Wall, Weapon, Character Development (Realizes there is a new level of uncertainty concerning her powers)
Punisher (4)
Marvel Knights 20th – Melee, Weapon, Team-Up (Hulk)
Spider-Man (PP) (4)
Spider-Man/Deadpool – Melee, Strength, Webs
Venom (4)
Venom – Strength, Symbiote, Character Development (Learns he has a new younger brother)
Angel (3)
Uncanny X-Men – Flight, Team-Up (X-Man)
Beast (3)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Uncanny X-Men – Intellect
Daredevil (3)
Marvel Knights 20th – Baton, Team-Up (Punisher)
Iron Man (TS) (3)
Marvel Knights 20th
Winter Soldier
 – Team-Up (Winter Soldier)
Multiple Man (3)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Creature
Uncanny X-Men
Rockslide (3)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Uncanny X-Men – Team-Up (Jean Grey)
X-23 (3)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Uncanny X-Men – Team-Up (Bishop)
Domino (2)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Weapon
Gambit (2)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Thief
Hawkeye (CB) (2)
West Coast Avengers – Arrow
Honey Badger (2)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Claws
Kitty Pryde (2)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Uncanny X-Men
Wolverine (2)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special – Claws
Black Panther (1)
Uncanny X-Men
Captain America (1)
Uncanny X-Men
Captain Marvel (1)
Uncanny X-Men
Rogue (1)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special
Thor (1)
Human Torch (0)
Ironheart (0)
Mockingbird (0)
Ms. Marvel (0)
Prestige (0)
Shuri (0)
Spider-Man (MM) (0)
Spider-Man (OO) (0)
Spider-Woman (0)
Thing (0)
Wasp (NvD) (0)


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