Weekly Marvel Review: October 03, 2018 (Week 40)

Zombies shamble into the Fantasy Comic League and turn the first week of October into Night of the Living Deadpool. Wade Wilson claims his third Hero of the Week title in eight weeks. His 14-point performance helps him reclaim his spot in the power rankings as Marvel’s second-most bankable character. Tony Stark continues his return to dominance and notches an impressive 10 points in his solo title, good for second place. The original Iron Man has appeared in 22 of 24 weeks since his return to the Fantasy Comic League in week 17. Another brilliant scientist follows in third, though that probably does not sit well with the Superior Octopus. Otto Octavius debuts in the Fantasy Comic League with eight points in his solo book.

Doctor Strange and Peter Parker tie for fourth place in the slow week which begins the month. They each score a modest five points. Champions accounts for 11 of the 64 points as they travel to Weird World for a fantasy-based adventure to save Nova. Fantasy rookie Snowguard, performs the best out of her team with four points. She ties with Domino for sixth place. Her teammate, Miles Morales, follows in eighth along with Weapon H in his first appearance in the Fantasy Comic League. The young Wasp rounds out the top performers with a lowly two points in the Champions title. The remaining heroes to score points in the week all earn a single appearance point in a week where only Deadpool appeared in more than one title.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Asteroid M, Do You Even Comic Book, Genosha, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse, Negative Zone, Red Room and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @FantasyComicLG for discussion!

Deadpool (14)
Deadpool – Gun, Heal, Weapon, Save Civilian
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool – Creative KO, Heal, Melee
Weapon X – Fourth Wall, Heal, Weapon, Team-Up (Domino)
Iron Man (TS) (10)
Tony Stark: Iron Man – Flight, Intellect, Melee, Repulsor, Suit, Tech, Team-Up (Wasp), Lead Team, Character Development (Begins dating Janet)
Spider-Man (OO) (8)
Superior Octopus – Melee, Tech, Webs, Team-Up (Skein), Save Civilian, Character Development (Relocates to San Francisco), Defeat Antagonist (Arnim Zola)
Doctor Strange (5)
Doctor Strange – Magic, Magic Offensive, Teleport, Lead Team
Spider-Man (PP) (5)
Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man – Melee, Sense, Webs, Save Civilian
Domino (4)
Weapon X – Probability, Weapon, Team-Up (Deadpool)
Snowguard (4)
Champions – Flight, Magic, Morph
Spider-Man (MM) (3)
Champions – Agility, Sense
Weapon H (3)
Weapon H – Team-Up (Korg), Lead Team
Wasp (NvD) (2)
Champions – Flight
Iceman (1)
Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man
Ironheart (1)
Jean Grey (1)
Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man
Ms. Marvel (1)
Spider-Gwen (1)
Superior Octopus
Storm (1)
Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man
Beast (0)
Black Panther (0)
Captain America (0)
Captain Marvel (0)
Daredevil (0)
Dazzler (0)
Gambit (0)
Ghost Rider (RR) (0)
Hawkeye (CB) (0)
Hawkeye (KB) (0)
Honey Badger (0)
Logan (0)
Marvel Girl (0)
Mockingbird (0)
Moon Girl (0)
Mr. Fantastic (0)
Ms. America (0)
Multiple Man (0)
Mystique (0)
Punisher (0)
Rogue (0)
Scarlet Spider (BR) (0)
Scarlet Spider (KP) (0)
She-Hulk (0)
Shuri (0)
Spider-Man (MoH) (0)
Spider-Woman (0)
Thor (0)
Venom (0)
Wolverine (0)
X-23 (0)

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