Weekly Marvel Review: September 19, 2018 (Week 38)

It’s alive! And it’s scoring points in the Fantasy Comic League all on its own. Due to some fancy interpretation of the rules, the Venom symbiote is now eligible to earn points when not bonded with Eddie Brock. The most famous member of the Klyntar race works in tandem with its most recent host (in this instance Eddie Brock) so they won’t double up points, but it also falls under the mind control rulings. So when another host forcefully dominates the symbiote, as seen in Venom: First Host, it will not receive credit for its action. However, when it takes control of a body, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man Annual, it gets credit for piloting the host. With that guidance, Venom claims his first “Hero of the Week” title in 2018 with 18 points. Oddly enough, it comes in the same week as the only title he scored in 2017. Week 38 should henceforth be known as Venom week!

The Avengers continue rolling as top-tier contenders as their latest book notches 17 points for eight drafted characters. It introduces their new base of operations, sets the stage for their next story arc and shores up the new team roster. Captain America takes second place with 12 points and serves as the welcome party to newest Avenger Ghost Rider. Captain Marvel, who accepts the team invite, and Doctor Strange, who declines the invitation to join full-time, tie for third place with 11 points. Deadpool, not likely to get invited back to the A-list squad anytime soon, follows closely behind the heroes in fifth place with 10 points. Thor takes sixth place with eight points.

X-Men: Gold comes to an end, but no word yet on whether Kitty Pryde will continue her leadership role into the new era of X-titles. Despite the bittersweet and ambiguous ending to the series, she scores six points in the book’s finale and learns that her mission statement to earn the public’s trust succeeds at least a little. Kitty ties with Wolverine, her former mentor, as he makes his triumphant return, as well as with Luke Cage. New Avenger Ghost Rider and Gambit round out the top performers for the week. They each score five points in tenth place.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Asteroid M, Do You Even Comic Book, Genosha, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse, Negative Zone, Red Room and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @FantasyComicLG for discussion!

Venom (18)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual – Agility, Melee, Strength, Symbiote, Webs, Team-Up (Black Cat), Save Civilian, Character Development (Learns that his possession of a host weakens it)
Venom – Melee, Strength, Symbiote, Character Development (Sacrifices symbiote to defeat the bad guy), Defeat Antagonist (Grendel)
Venom: First Host – Melee, Symbiote
Captain America (12)
Avengers – Shield, Shield Defensive
Captain America Annual – Agility, Melee, Shield, Shield Defensive, Will Power, Lead Team, Save Civilian
Immortal Hulk
Captain Marvel (11)
Avengers – Character Development (Rejoins the flagship Avengers team)
Immortal Hulk – Flight, Lead Team
Life of Captain Marvel – Energy, Flight, Melee, Speed, Character Development (Learns her mother is Kree)
Doctor Strange (11)
Avengers – Character Development (Turns down the invitation to join the flagship Avengers team)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Magic Offensive, Teleport, Weapon, Lead Team, Character Development (Creates new means of magic), Defeat Antagonist (Roxnor the Purifier)
Deadpool (10)
Deadpool: Secret Agenda – Heal, Melee, Weapon, Save Civilian
Mr. and Mrs. X – Heal, Melee, Weapon, Team-Up (Gambit)
Thor (8)
Immortal Hulk
– Durability, Flight, Lightning, Weapon, Team-Up (Wolverine)
Kitty Pryde (6)
Mr. and Mrs. X
Multiple Man
X-Men: Gold
– Intangibility, Lead Team, Character Development (Learns her message of earning the public’s trust worked)
Luke Cage (6)
Luke Cage – Durability, Melee, Strength, Team-Up (Iron Fist), Save Civilian
Wolverine (6)
Return of Wolverine – Claws, Heal
Thor – Claws, Team-Up (Thor)
Gambit (5)
Mr. and Mrs. X – Energy, Melee, Weapon, Team-Up (Deadpool)
Ghost Rider (RR) (5)
Avengers – Flame, Vehicle, Character Development (Joins the flagship Avengers team)
Immortal Hulk
Black Panther (4)
Avengers – Lead Team, Character Development (Becomes the new Avengers team leader/chairperson)
Immortal Hulk
Ms. America (4)
West Coast Avengers – Flight, Melee, Strength
Prestige (4)
X-Men: Gold – Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathy
Spider-Man (PP) (4)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual – Sense, Webs, Team-Up (Black Panther)
Hawkeye (KB) (3)
West Coast Avengers – Arrow, Lead Team
Iron Fist (3)
Luke Cage – Iron Fist, Team-Up (Luke Cage)
Mr. Fantastic (3)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual – Intellect, Team-Up (Spider-Man)
Nightcrawler (3)
Multiple Man
X-Men: Gold
– Teleport
Rogue (3)
Mr. and Mrs. X – Flight, Team-Up (Deadpool)
Hawkeye (CB) (2)
West Coast Avengers – Arrow
Iron Man (TS) (2)
Immortal Hulk
Multiple Man (2)
Multiple Man – Creature
Storm (2)
X-Men: Gold – Flight
Hulk (1)
Immortal Hulk
Loki (1)
Angel (Young) (0)
Black Widow (0)
Cyclops (Young) (0)
Daredevil (0)
Doctor Doom (0)
Domino (0)
Gamora (0)
Havok (0)
Honey Badger (0)
Human Torch (0)
Ironheart (0)
Jean Grey (0)
Karolina Dean (0)
Logan (0)
Marvel Girl (0)
Mockingbird (0)
Moon Girl (0)
Ms. Marvel (0)
Mystique (0)
Punisher (0)
The Rider (0)
Scarlet Spider (BR) (0)
Scarlet Spider (KP) (0)
Snowguard (0)
Spider-Man (MM) (0)
Squirrel Girl (0)
Thing (0)
Warpath (0)
Wasp (NvD) (0)
X-23 (0)

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