The Latveria Legislature: August 2018 (Final Standings)

A sense of stability sets in for Latveria. Despite a challenge to Agent @KingofTysons‘ rule in the previous month, the defending champion consolidates his power over the country for the second season in the row. Agents @JamesBSheppard and @reyreymondo, his strongest and most surprising allies, pick the perfect time to throw their support behind their leader and play their roles of spoilers perfectly. They take first and second place in the final month of the season and guarantee a clean victory for King, who takes third place just for good measure. The would-be usurpers, Agents @SuperiorComic16 and @sotonspidey, under perform and eventually bend the knee to Latveria’s two-time ruler. Despite their challenge for the throne, the benevolent ruler sees fit to exile them reward them with their own divisions in the final season of the 2018 Fantasy Comic League. Superior travels into the Negative Zone and Soton returns to Wakanda, both to fill leadership voids left by retiring Agents. James remains behind to continue his upward trajectory in Latveria while Rey joins a new team traveling to Genosha to help tamp down civil unrest which is sweeping the island nation.

Despite a scramble for the throne, the Fantasy Comic League Agents put their differences aside to rescue 13 civilians, four of which came from James’ star recruit Daredevil, and dispatch 14 antagonists. Their characters also go through 18 character defining moments. All of those categories represent a 3-point increase over the previous month’s totals. Their overall score for the month of 341 points, puts them as the fifth best division of the eight competing Fantasy Comic League groups.

Overall Scores – King, 8 pts; Superior, 6 pts; Soton, 5 pts (266 season score); Rey, 5 pts (260); James, 4 pt

Breakdown – Agent @JamesBSheppard ends the season on a personal high-note. In the seven months earlier, James averaged 47.4 points. Not only does he place first for the first time, but he crushes that average score with a personal best of 94 points. His team receives enormous support from Daredevil’s division-leading 30 point performance combined with Deadpool and Captain America’s typical strong scores. Agent @reyreymondo also scores a personal best performance in second place. Spider-Man performs as expected, earning rey 27 of his 77 total points, but this month his team is also supported by Iron Man’s 26 points. X-23 and Marvel Girl each score 12 points, a vast improvement over his third and fourth heroes from the month of July.

Agent @KingofTysons. performs slightly under his average of 81 points/month, but his third place 71 point finish proves enough in securing another division victory. Storm breaks out of a bit of a recent slump to bring King 27 points, while his other three heroes score an average of 14.7 points for his team. Domino continues to increase her Fantasy Comic League value. She represents Agent @SuperiorComic16‘s top performer with 20 points. Right behind her is Captain Marvel with a modest 17 points. Young Beast scores eight points for Superior who finishes fourth with 56 points. Nobody suffered from the young, time-displaced X-Men’s underwhelming performance than Agent @sotonspidey. Soton banks on two of the team members, Angel and Iceman, but despite Angel’s respectable 13 points, Iceman’s foreboding absence in X-Men: Blue and his capture in Extermination limits him to only four points. Doctor Strange is soton’s best scorer. He conjures up nearly half of soton’s 43 points with a 20-point showing.

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