The Do You Even Comic Book!? Board Meeting: June 2018


Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Do You Even Comic Book!? Division, company board meeting. As we can see we had an interesting take on our numbers this month. It seems that a few of our team members are competing for employee of the month status. As far as points, 1st place was tied three ways between Kaijuu, TGshep, and Sceritz, forcing the final decision to come down to the single highest scoring character. That easily gave the victory over to Kaijuu, who had Spider-Man scoring a whopping 31 points, carrying his team to victory. Pulling up second is TGShep who proves that she is shrewd with her choices. Both Deadpool and Ant-man delivered 18 points apiece, pushing but Sceriz. His highest scoring characters were Domino and Iron Man, but only at 17 points each. Each of these contestants made 61 points apiece, making for an interesting and very close battle. Bringing up 4th place is Geek Analyst who had strength in the Goddess of Weather Storm, with some help from Wasp (NVD) but lacked much with his others. Finally in last is DatOne, whose characters all scored in the single digits. The next board meeting will be in July. Let’s get those numbers up folks.

Tgshepherdvan- 5 Points

Kaijuu66- 4 Point

Geek_Analyst- 3 Points

IVWall- 2 Point

DatOneWriter- 0 Points



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