Weekly Marvel Review: May 29, 2019 (Week 22)

Kraven and Spider-Man's latest deadly dance reaches its conclusion. While his plan does not end the way he had hoped, the world's greatest hunter goes out on top by earning an Antagonist of the Week in the Fantasy Comic League with eight review points including the Character Development for his death. Peter Parker earns five... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: May 8, 2019 (Week 19)

The Unstoppable Wasp throws a block party for Nadia's birthday, meanwhile Captain Marvel knocks the block off her most recent antagonist. In the midst of Marvel's event heavy releases, the solo titles stand out as the top books for the week. Carol Danvers and her Rebellion defeat the Nuclear Man and free Roosevelt Island from his... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: May 1, 2019 (Week 18)

No single person can win a war alone, despite what Thor may believe. While the God of Thunder fights his own battle against the realm of the Frost Giants, the heroes of Asgard form teams to combat Malekith and his invading forces. The latest War of the Realms book spotlights the various teams including Captain America... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: April 3, 2019 (Week 14)

April began with a familiar war breaking out across the Marvel Universe: The War of Events. After owning the spotlight for the previous two months, Avengers: No Road Home made way for "War of the Realms," Marvel's line-wide event years in the making. Malekith's invasion of Midgard met the joint might of Avengers and Asgardians, but... Continue Reading →

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