Weekly Marvel Review: August 11, 2021 (Week 32)

The Marvel characters spread their appearances thin in the nine-book week. Only eight characters appear in more than one book—thanks mostly to one last visit to the Hellfire Gala in the Children of the Atom finale. Two other books also conclude their run this week: America Chavez: Made in the USA ends with its fifth issue and Runaways reaches its 38th and final issue in this current run—its100th overall. But when one book ends, another begins. This time, the recently concluded titles make way for a new Defenders series led by Doctor Strange. Cloud and the Masked Raider, the two new entries into the Fantasy Comic League database, both join the new Defenders team.

FCL Podcast 11 – The Mundanity of Magic

Book the Week – Children of the Atom #6 (Review score: 58 Points; 42 Characters). Gimmick accepts Storm’s offer to attend the Hellfire Gala, which causes friction between her and the other Children. After checking out the party, Gimmick nervously shares the news about her mutation with her parents (they’re supportive) and reconnects with her friends (they’re remorseful). In the end, Gimmick decides to split her time between her mutant training on Krakoa and her friends, especially Cyclops-Lass after both admitting their true feelings to one another.

Hero of the Week – Doctor Strange (Review score: 14 Points/2 Appearances; 7.0 Pts/App). The Masked Raider’s story—which began back in August 2019 with Marvel Comics #1000—brings him to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Supreme. After a brief magical scuffle, the two recruit former Defenders Harpy, Silver Surfer and Cloud to travel back in time to a different reality, the Sixth Cosmos, the birthplace of Galactus.

Antagonist of the Week – Bullseye (Review score: 7 Points/1 Appearance; 7.0 Pts/App). Kingpin got greedy with his favorite assassin. Unfortunately, the scientists he hired got a little too creative and created clones of Bullseye. As one would expect, this idea backfired spectacularly and now three Bullseyes are on a killing spree with Elektra in their crosshairs

Top Characters (by review score). Doctor Strange (14); Domino (8); Accuser, Bullseye, Captain Marvel, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Masked Rider, Spider-Man/Ben Reilly, Wolverine (7); Doctor Doom, Gimmick, Wolfsbane (6)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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America Chavez: Made in the USA #5 (14)
Captain America – TU (Ms. America)
Hawkeye (KB)
Ms. America – Teleport, TU (Captain America), SC
Spider-Man (PP)
Thor – Blunt, Flight, Lightning, TU (Ms. America)
Captain Marvel #31 (18)
Accuser – Artifact, Energy, Ensnare, Teleport, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Sludge)
Captain Marvel – Energy, Energy Offensive, Strength, TU (Accuser), DA (Sludge)
War Machine – Sense, Shield, Suit, TU (Accuser)
Children of the Atom #6 (58)
Captain America
Captain Britain
Captain Marvel
Cherub – Durability, Flight, DA (Hordeculture)
Cyclops-Lass – Energy, Energy Offensive, CD (Confesses she has feelings for Gimmick), DA (Hordeculture)
Doctor Strange
Gimmick – Deception, Energy Offensive, Morph, CD (Shares that she is a mutant with her family), DA (Hordeculture)
Iron Man
Kate Pryde
Marvel Girl
Marvel Guy – Pheromones, DA (Hordeculture)
Nighty-Nightcrawler – Teleport, DA (Hordeculture)
Professor X
Wolverine (JH)
Wolverine (LK)
Mr. Sinister
Daredevil #33 (22)
Daredevil – Sense
Elektra – Ensnare, Explosive, Gun, Projectile
Iron Man – Flight, Heal
Spider-Man (PP) – Webs
Bullseye – Assassin, Blade, Gun, Melee, Precision, CD (Cloned)
Kingpin (IL)
Kingpin (WF)
Typhoid Mary
Defenders #1 (27)
Cloud – CD (Rejoins the Defenders)
Doctor Strange – Artifact, Flames, Flight, Intellect, Magic, Magic Defensive, Melee, Reality, Sense, Teleport, LT, CD (Reforms the Defenders)
Harpy – CD (Rejoins the Defenders)
Masked Raider – Artifact, Gun, Intellect, Magic, Teleport, CD (Joins the Defenders)
Silver Surfer – Flight, CD (Rejoins the Defenders)
Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk #1 (12)
Hulk (BB) – Computer, Durability, Melee, Strength, Weapon, DA (M.O.D.O.K.)
M.O.D.O.K. – Claws, Melee, Suit, Telekinesis Offensive
Free Comic Book Day 2021: Spider-Man/Venom #1 (15)
Jessica Jones – Sleuth
Luke Cage
Spider-Man (BR) – Crawl, Durability, Suit, Webs, SC, DA (Bushwacker)
Bushwacker – Gun, Morph, Weapon
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #29 (5)
Spider-Man (MM) – Crawl, Intellect, Webs, CD (Gets a new suit)
Runaways #38 (21)
Alex Wilder – CD (Takes off the mantle of Doc Justice)
Chase Stein – CD (Travels to the future)
Gert Yorkes – Creature, Melee, TU (Gert), CD (Sends Chase to the future)
Karolina Dean – CD (Leaves with the Light Brigade)
Molly Hayes – Melee, TU (Gert)
Nico Minoru – Artifact, Magic, CD (Gives Karolina the Staff of One to take with her)
Victor Mancha – Energy
X-Force #22 (28)
Beast – Blade, Intellect, TU (Man-Slaughter), LT
Domino – Agility, Flames, Gun, Weapon, TU (Man-Slaughter), DA (Plant zombies)
Sage – Computer, Intellect, TU (Man-Slaughter)
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, Melee, TU (Man-Slaughter), DA (Plant zombies)
Blob – Strength, Weapon
Krakoa – Sense, TU (Man-Slaughter)
X-Men Legends #6 (27)
Havok – Energy, Energy Offensive, TU (Doctor Doom)
Multiple Man – TU (Doctor Doom)
Polaris – Flight, Magnetics Defensive, TU (Doctor Doom)
Quicksilver – Speed, TU (Doctor Doom)
Strong Guy – TU (Doctor Doom)
Wolfsbane – Agility, Claws Offensive, Morph, Strength, TU (Doctor Doom)
Doctor Doom – Durability, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, TU (X-Factor), DA (Zefiro clan)


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