Weekly Marvel Review: September 25, 2019 (Week 39)

The Avengers know how to strike when the iron is hot and they end the month of September on a high note. Captain America and Captain Marvel lead the charge with 19 and 20 respective review points for the week. While Carol has fewer appearances in 2019 than other top tier characters such as Cap and Iron Man, she remains Marvel’s third-best character on the year with a total review score of 245. The rest of her current Avengers allies are not slouching either, and continue making cameo appearances including in the first issue of Strikeforce, the Team Book of the Week with 50 points. In the book’s debut, Blade goes behind the Avengers’ back to lead a group including Spider-Woman and Winter Soldier on a covet mission. The proper Avengers title earns a review score of 36 for Marvel’s flagship team.

Captain Marvel features in Fearless, another top team book from the week with a score of 45, and Captain America’s ongoing earns the Top Solo Book of the Week with 32 points. He continues his team-up with White Tiger and the other Daughters of Liberty in a quest to distinguish himself from the tainted Captain America moniker. A former Captain Marvel appears in Avengers: Loki Unleashed, the Top Event Book of the Week. Monica Rambeau, aka Spectrum, provides some personal insight and internal narration in a flashback tale from the team’s past and scores eight of the book’s 48 points.

For those keeping track of their own review teams, full statistics can be found in the below character reviews. Please use these results to determine your score and support us via the Fantasy Comic League’s Patreon page to become a Sanctioned Review Agent. Make sure to tweet any questions or comments to @FantasyComicLG on Twitter while using the #FantasyComicLeague tag!

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2 (11)
Silver Sable – Agility, Gun, Melee, Weapon, SC
Spider-Man (MM)
– Crawl, Will Power
Carnage – LT
Amazing Spider-Man #30 (11)
Spider-Man (PP) – Melee, Sense, Strength, Webs, SC
Green Goblin – Claws, Durability, Melee
Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1 (48)
Captain America – Melee, Shield, Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, TU (Doctor Strange)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Telepathy, Teleport, TU (Avengers), LT
Iron Man – Flight, Repulsor, TU (Doctor Strange)
Living Tribunal – Cosmic, Sense, Teleport
Spectrum – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Intangibility, Speed, Stealth, TU (Doctor Strange)
Thor – Flight, Lightning, Mjolnir, TU (Doctor Strange)
Wasp (JvD) – Energy, Flight, Shrink, Size, TU (Doctor Strange), LT
Loki – Magic, Magic Offensive, Teleport
Avengers #24 (36)
Black Panther – Melee, Tech, LT
Blade – Creature, Gun, Weapon
Captain America – Melee
Captain Marvel – Energy, Flight
Ghost Rider (RR) – Vehicle
She-Hulk – Durability, Energy, Melee
Thor – Durability, Lightning, Mjolnir
Ghost Rider (JB) – Durability, Vehicle
Rider – Cosmic, Durability, Energy, Flame, Gun, Melee, Vehicle, Weapon
Black Panther #16 (9)
Black Panther
Shuri – Weapon
Storm – Flight, Lightning, Weather
Captain America #14 (32)
Agent 13 – TU (Captain America)
Captain America – Agility, Melee, Shield, Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, TU (Daughters of Liberty), LT, SC
Echo – Agility, Melee, Tech, Weapon, TU (Captain America), SC
Iron Patriot – Computer, TU (Captain America)
Nick Fury, Jr.
White Tiger – Gun, Melee, Weapon, TU (Captain America), SC
– Melee
Fearless #3 (45)
Captain Marvel – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, TU (Invisible Woman), SC
Hellcat – Melee, Sleuth, Suit, TU (Jessica Jones)
Hellstrom – Flame, Weapon
Invisible Woman – Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Telekinesis Offensive, TU (Captain Marvel), SC
Jessica Jones – Melee, Sleuth, Weapon, TU (Hellcat)
Jubilee – Energy, TU (Wolverine)
Ms. Marvel – Size, Stretch
She-Hulk – Attorney
Storm – Flight, Lightning, Rain, Weather, Wind, TU (Captain Marvel), SC
Wolverine – Claws, TU (Jubilee)
Ghost-Spider #2 (13)
Ghost-Spider – Crawl, Melee, Sense, Strength, Suit, Tech, Webs, SC
Spider-Man (PP)
Jackal – Intellect, Morph
Marvel Comics Presents #9 (1)
Marvel Team-Up #6 (13)
Captain Marvel – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Weapon, TU (Ms. Marvel), DA (Wastrel)
Ms. Marvel – Size, Stretch, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Wastrel)
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity #2 (7)
Spider-Man (PS4) – Crawl, Melee, Sense, Suit, Tech, Webs
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47 (17)
Human Torch – Flight
Invisible Woman – Flight
Moon Girl – Creature, Intellect, Tech, TU (Mr. Fantastic)
Mr. Fantastic – Intellect, Melee, Morph, Stretch, Tech, TU (Moon Girl)
New Mutants: War Children #1 (38)
Cannonball – Flight, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Cypher – Sense, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Karma – Telepathy, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Kitty Pryde – Creature, TU (New Mutants)
Magik – Blade, Magic, Morph, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Magma – Flame, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Mirage – Creature, TU (Kitty Pryde), LT
Sunspot – Weapon, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Warlock – Melee, Possess, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Wolfsbane – Morph, Sense, TU (Kitty Pryde)
Powers of X #5 (17)
Amelia Voght
Emma Frost – Telepathy

Fabian Cortez
– Intellect
Magneto – Magnetics, LT
Mr. Sinister
Professor X – Telepathy, LT
Punisher Kill Krew #3 (18)
Captain America
Iron Man
– Melee, Speed, Strength, Weapon, TU (Punisher)
Punisher – Blade, Creature, Gun, Vehicle, Weapon, TU (Juggernaut)
Strikeforce #1 (50)
Angela – Blade, Weapon, TU (Blade), LT
Black Panther – Melee, Suit, LT
– Blade, Projectile, Weapon, TU (Angela), LT, SC, DA (Hellstrom)
Captain America
Captain Marvel – Flight
Ghost Rider (RR) – Vehicle
Hellstrom – Magic
Iron Man – Flight, Repulsor
She-Hulk – Durability, Melee, Rage, Strength
Spectrum – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, TU (Blade)
Spider-Woman – Energy, TU (Blade)
Wiccan – Flight, Magic, Magic Offensive, TU (Blade)
Winter Soldier – Gun, Weapon, TU (Blade)
Superior Spider-Man #11 (15)
Brothers Grimm
Dansen Macabre

Digger – Durability
Spider-Man (OO) – Melee, Strength, Tech, Webs, TU (Mephisto), CD (Makes a deal with Mephisto to return to his original form)
Mephisto – Teleport, TU (Spider-Man)
Thanos #6 (13)
Blood Brothers
Ebony Maw – Telepathy
– Melee, Weapon
Proxima Midnight – Weapon
Thanos – Melee
Magus – Deception, Energy
Wolverine Annual #1 (15)
Spider-Man (PP) – TU (Wolverine)
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability, Heal, Melee, Strength, WIll Power, TU (Spider-Man)
Morgan le Fay – Magic, Magic Offensive, Possession


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